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GO KORN!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/05

-hinthint- xD I'm a korn fan people xD Same here, Korn relaxes me, whenever I get home from school I pray to hear a korn song and everyday it's like an enchantment I hear korn at 3:00 xD

whoever is against korn...may you die!!

the grinding metal that is korn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/05

u no i have 2 agree with the previous reviews. theres just sumthing about them that wen u listen 2 them, even though the lyrics and instrumentals r wild and insane, they calm u down. there my favourite band rite now alongside MSI and rammstein. alot of ppl now r into that gay emo shit that all sounds the exact same. thank god for korn, as they have definitaly created a sound like no other.

Live and Learn | Reviewer: Lana | 10/1/05

I have gotta say, KoRn is awseome first off and secondly, they have kept me sane. Sometimes i find myself popping their cd and calming down from a long day at school. listening to them makes me realize, i'm not the only one on the brink of destruction. ;) If you dont like them, or dont find them "approprate" for you or your children to listen to then fuck you....

korn keeps me alive | Reviewer: mishti | 12/25/04

korn is not just a band. but a group of people who keep me alive. im an indian, and i think their biggest fan over here. whenever i have a headache, i listen to them and im cured in no time. also, if im depressed, they make me feel good. you cant just listen to korn, u have to feel their music! u may not like it if u here it once.. but trust me, korn is god. thank u korn for making me be.

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