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korn rocks | Reviewer: scott | 5/16/07

Korn is a metal rock band and got out several albums they rock

good band | Reviewer: j0e | 5/15/07

KoRn is an awesome band. bu i gotta say tht ther old stff is a lot better than see you on the other side. when that album frst came out i thought it was OK but mother fucking MTV had to come in and fuck it up. MTV are fucking bastards who have changed KoRn and now i can never look at them the same way again. THANKS A LOT MTV FOR FUCKING UP MY FAVORITE BAND!!!!!!!!!

he's the daddy | Reviewer: barbanyut | 5/12/07

u may think if KOrn is the best but I think them is the greatest heuheuheu I apreciate them so much.. lot of my life is influence by them ... thank god You've send them 4 me

KORN ROX!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/07

I ttly love the band Korn. I really relate to some of their music, like the song "Souvenir" from "See You ON the Other Side." Also Jonathan Davis looks dead sexy in a kilt. So FUCK you to all you Korn dissers.

I LOVE KORN!! | Reviewer: Aly | 4/29/07

KoRn is the GREATEST BAND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! whoever doesnt like them can suck it! KoRn is still flippin sweet even though they are makeing new stuff and head left... THEY ARE FREAKIN AWESOME!!

Numetal Gods | Reviewer: Justin ( | 3/30/07

Beyond all musical revalations KoRn has made, i believe that the progression of Numetal (rap metal)has been their greatest acomplishment. Being a professional musician myself, I find it amazing when bands like KoRn can see space for a whole new genra and do what it takes to make it a reality, instead of following the media curve for popular music and imitating it. KoRn has been a constant inspiration for me and I've been a huge fan since back in there release

KoRN | Reviewer: Ice TeazZe aka Kelly | 2/10/07


KoRN iz a sooth for the soul of the slightly different person... i admire Fieldy is my idol, and an amazing bassist, i hope i can one day come close to being that good.

KoRn iz Love

KoRn | Reviewer: Cindy | 11/9/06

Love KoRn! i started listening to KoRn when i saw Twisted Transistors on tv... so i downloaded some songs! and got some cd's from everyone... buyed some cd's and i just love all of their cd's! (especially KoRn, Life is Peachy, Issues and Untouchables) the rest is fuckin great too! the way they describe life... its just exactly the way i feel! and i guess the way a lot of people feel! See You On The Other Side is kinda cool... but the first time i heard i wasn't blown away by it... (with the other albums i was) but when u keep listening to it... it starts to get better! but really... RESPECT TO MUNKY! he has to do it all by himself! cuz Head left! (i miss him! he was funny and really good) but KoRn fuckin did it again! and they already started writing the new album (they started on september 2th!) but i love KoRn and always will! cuz KORN IS GOD!

I am Number one fan of Korn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/06

I listen to korn when there first korn c d came out and I know everything about the band and I know what jonathan Davis went through and I know why Head left the band and I am just 16 and I know all this. If U R a true korn fan then u have all there DVDS, VHS VIDOES, MUSIC VIDEOS, AND TAPES AND ALBUMS INCLUDING THERE DEMO ALBUM. So I am the number one korn fan yet and waiting for there next album coming out next year or five or four months from now. I also been to 30 of there concerns trust me. My parants Travle alot so I seen them alot. So if there someone that is a bigger korn fan them show ur face so I can show u the other side motherfuker. One more thing their last album wasn't that great but very very very good.

I love them | Reviewer: Lauryna | 6/16/06

U gotta love KoRn! ... geez... they're amazing...

yeah, their new album is different from the others... but that's the point! Jon said that they're are trying new stuff to play... But not forgetting the old songs... When Head is gone (yeah i miss him too...) all his "work" fell on Munky's shoulders.... and he's doing well! now korn is holding itself even more tightly than before, and they're gonna live for 10more years! well, that's what Jon said :D ind i'm glad:)

I love their first album... ^^ and worship all others ^^ and the last one - is a rebirth of them! good luck KoRn!

... | Reviewer: CeleS'VictoriA | 5/31/06

i first started listening to korn from new album, yeah... but i'm that kind of person that if i like tha band/artist i try to have ALL it's discography. And i do have it now. And i can't live without it.

I chose korn, because i kinda feel the same how it was said in their songs like "daddy", "kill you", "Shoots and ladders", "Alone i break", "blind"... I know what Jon was suffering for, that's why i love them...

you stupid fuks! | Reviewer: ............... | 5/25/06

KoRn was the first metal band i have started listening to and every single fukcing album is awsome, exept there new one (see you on the other side). first of all i'll tell you why it fukcing sucks cuz HEAD IS GONE making it so much lighter of a sound. any of you little stupid fucks who just started listening to them due to their new album probly dont even know wtf im talking about so fuk off right now. continueing on the same note of their new album it is also really pissing me all the new fans there attracting probly fucks like you who love there new sound and would only reconize their old work by john's vocals so all i ahve to say is listen to eveyr single one of there album b4 see you on the other side( KoRn, untouchables,follow the leader,) so on and until then fuk off dont even explore the meatl genre further and if you dont like the old sound you are a audio deluiqent.

KORN IS THE BEST!!!! | Reviewer: dan F | 5/22/06


Korn | Reviewer: Ruby | 2/2/06

I've only started listening to Korn and I love them. They help get me through alot of things. Great band

korn - here to stay (i hope) | Reviewer: Chuckles | 1/22/06

anyone who mocks jonny deserves a slow and painful death
korn are the only band who can calm me down when im angry. without korn i would be dead, that im sure of, they hopefully will go on proforming brilliant songs
head we miss you

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