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Performed by Korn

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!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: JAPE | 10/16/08

I think that if you have suddenly changed the way you look at the world in a positive (progressive) way.
If you listen to the lyrics closely. You suddenly can relate them to certain feelings u had at some time and make you think in a better way. mabey im crazy lol

Life... korn | Reviewer: TACC | 12/27/07

I realy can relate to some of korn songs... i mean with my life... sadly, that is :S Thats the reason i relay like korn.

And i can realy relate to this song... in the part...

This state is elevating, as the hurt turns into hating
Anticipating all the fucked up feelings again

The hurt inside is fading
This shit's gone way too far
All this time I've been waiting
Oh I cannot grieve anymore
For once inside awaking
I'm done, I'm not a whore
You've taken everything
and, Oh I cannot give anymore

I say that cuz most ppl only take and give nothing back... they cause pain to others... by doing so... I realy ask my selfe often... where is the meaning of this life. but i'm not suicidal, not thinking about killing my selfe... i just dont care... and i'm not afraid to die cuz it cant be mutch more worse than it already is :S Good luck to all you ppl :)

Evolution | Reviewer: YujiYumi | 11/8/07

no no no i swear to God who ever hates Korn can go to hell because Korn is ultimate....for every hate mail i find i shall kill somebody....and god help you if that killable person is you >=O

heavy lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/07

i just read the lyrics, and it shows the mental anguish that are in Korn's heads, I meanthe lyric:So I take my time, guiding the blade down the line
Each cut closer to the vein (vein, vein)

it shows how deeply they feel about their music, and how their lives influence their music.

hear to stay | Reviewer: dave | 9/2/07

korn are definately here to stay. best korn tune eve cos i can relate to the words. best album for me- LOFE IS PEACHY

here to stay...... | Reviewer: error | 8/11/07

This song rocks, these guys are geniuses. They are my favourite rock/metal band. I love there music, their the best ever, all their songs rule, even all the old ones. There new Album is quality.

Wait... | Reviewer: Eeka | 5/3/07

Didn't Mindless Self Indulgence do this song WITH Korn?

Well, I always thought that. SOmeone once told me.
Maybe I was uninformed?

Awesome base | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/07

Korn are the God's of base playing, this is one of my favourite songs,and favourite bands

Korn Rules | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/05

Awesome Song .. Awesome Video .. Extremly Heavy .. These Guys are Gods ..

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