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Performed by Korn

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so sad | Reviewer: Angel of Johnathan Davis | 1/2/08

This song is so sad. No one should have done that to him. it's wrong. i hope the f*c*e* who did that to him will burn in hell. KoRn is the best band in the world. If no one could see that, then I hate you. its so sad when he cries i cry too cause i know what he went through.

what is the truth? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/07

what the hell really happened? somebody is telling that his father raped him and on the other hand there are people who claims that somebody else did that. so why is song named daddy?

what it's really about: | Reviewer: OwnedbyKoRn0 (natalie) | 12/15/07

Lead singer Jonathan Davis wrote this about a neighbor who used to abuse him. He had this to say about the song: "People think "Daddy" was written because my dad f*cked me up the ass, but that's not what the song is about. It wasn't about my dad or mom. When I was a kid I was being abused by someone else and I went to my parents and told them about it. They thought I was lying and joking around, so they never did any sh*t about it. They don't believe it was happening to their son. I don't like to talk about it."

wow | Reviewer: belle | 11/25/07

what a song..did this really can a mom watch and not believe..i felt the pain.made me think of that day..when i was held down and treated that way...what a way to get out your pain..

in short | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/07

Jon was molested by someone OUTSIDE of his family, so the song is not totally fictious and there is real emotion there, but his father never did that to him.

Wtf.. | Reviewer: Laura | 11/14/07

this song clearly implies pain and suffering,
and who cares who bloody hurt him, if he wanted us to know he would have stated so,
and he does not therefore its noones buisness.
it's a good song, the end is upsetting though.
i love korn :)

Man.... | Reviewer: Rafael | 10/30/07

I feel for Jon all the crap he delt with in his life reminds me of myself. This song has sooo much raw emotion, you can definitely see the pain in his heart. I'm a long time KoRn fan and I like this song the most. I wish best of luck to you Jon because all anyone wants in life is to be happy, and you deserve to be happy.

DEVASTATED! | Reviewer: Julie | 10/23/07

I'm so so sorry that Jonathon had to go through this,every child has a right to feel protected by their parents and something is terribly wrong when this security isnt in place.As a parent I am disgusted that he was never listened to,as a fan I want to hug him to bits.Himself a father of 3 boys he will make a far better job of being a parent than his own did.I wish him all the love luck and happiness that he deserves.

What a fucking artist | Reviewer: Shauna | 9/21/07

Through only real pain comes genius. You feel like you're there and you too want to break down in fucking tears and kill someone's parents after hearing this song. I'll help you hide bodies, Jon!

shit... | Reviewer: Jesse | 9/16/07

I absolutely know what JD had gone through as well... listening to this song now and thinking back it still bloody well hurts so I feel for him so much... this fucking hurts!!!!

Amazing | Reviewer: Jelly Bean | 9/12/07

This song is simpley amazing it has so much power and meaning to it. And at the end when john is cryin it put so much pain into the song and it gives you a idea of what he reaaly is going threw if recording a song does that to a person. hes just amazing and all his music is one of a kind

The Truth | Reviewer: Kt Haire | 9/9/07

Ok, when John was a little itty bitty kid, he was molested by a FEMALE member of his family. Then when he was a little older, his Dad started to rape him. He told his Mom and she didn't believe him. Then his Mom walked in while it was happening and WATCHED them for a few minutes before leaving. She saw. Sha didn't do anything. She should be shot.

(And in my opinion Korn kicks so much ass it ain't funny.)

What daddy REALLY is about! | Reviewer: KiaKu Hatake | 8/9/07

Ok, when Jon Davis was a child his dad raped him,his mum found out and didn't care.Duh!Why do u ppl think it's called DADDY and what the lyrics are about!? But anyways that's a great song and when u listen to him cryin it kinda hurts a little...

I know what really happend! | Reviewer: amanda | 7/28/07

Bf david was the singer for koRn, he was a corner and a 4 month old baby came in with its ancles by it's head and they couldn't even get them to go back but the father raped the baby..he doesn't like playing the song live cuz he gets to didn't happen to him! ugh ya'll are weird! lol

By Far | Reviewer: Aaron | 6/11/07

Their best song ever...

This song is my proof that he puts more emotion into his songs that ninety-nine percent of the artists out there... When's the last time you heard an artist come out with a song that they couldn't even record without crying?

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