kiss sucks | Reviewer: sammy | 9/22/10

kiss is prolly the worst band ever. none of their music has any musical qualities about it. its all power chords and crappy vocals. gene just looks like a stupid sonofabitch when hes dressed up like a faggt in that stupid outfit. kiss sucks.

kiss is and always will be the best | Reviewer: Mass | 7/21/10

The fellow that wrote if you like kiss you should go see a doc.....well I would say that you should go see a doc for saying that, but it would be a waste of time because there is no cure for extreme retardation

my mom got meet them | Reviewer: tiffany | 6/20/10

I was just watching tv and I saw the dr.pepper comercial with them and I said weren't they all high on drugs or something, and my mom said yes.and she said she went to one of there parties in 96 she was only 20 then and she said that she got to meert them all exept for gene simmons.but she also said there was a lot of drugs there especially white powder and I though wow how was good that my mom didn't do any drugs she smokes ciggarettes but that's it. p.s she said they were all really ugly without there makeup. lol

if you like them then your crazy | Reviewer: Captain spazz! | 5/19/10

kiss is now an old timers band and sux. people are crazy to listen to them now. they are really just a bunch of sweaty old men on stage screaming in a bunch of to tight pants and makeup


KISS ROCKS!!!! | Reviewer: JC | 4/14/10

i love kiss sooo much! i can play every kiss song on bass guitar. my room is full of kiss posters and i even have a kiss lamp. i have old kiss cards and just about all there comic books. i own every single album they have ever made. i have an old record of LOVE GUN! Gene Simmons and Peter Criss are my favourite. Ace and Paul i LLOVE To. i think kiss is the best band ever! if they werent around my life would be ALOT DIFFERENT!!!! KISS ROCKS AND EVERYONE JOIN THE KISS ARMY!!!!!

The best band EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jesse | 11/24/09

Ever since I was in seventh grade, i loved KISS. I thought that they were the best band alive. I have five kiss DVD's, three of them being the Kissology trilogy. Personally, I think that Eric Arr was the best drummer ever! But I would never put down Eric Singer. I love his style. Revenge is my all-time favorite album!

KISS: you don't hate them; you feat them! | Reviewer: Josh | 3/2/09

An often overlooked band, really. Everybody says they suck, though they don't know any of their songs. This really stems from the fact that most people are just jealous of them. They're jealous of Gene's rep with the ladies, Paul's...rep with the ladies, and Ace's rep with gin...


Kiss's lyrics | Reviewer: Vicky | 11/10/08

I know almost all of their songs. And like Tyler up there the 7th grader, my dad got me hooked when I was growing up. I am in 11th grade and don't know hardly any of the recent groups besides maybe the Jonas Brothers (yuck). I grew up on the oldies. From KISS to The Great 70's explosions. (spelling error) lol well Kiss is the best band ever. YOU WANTED THE BEST YOU GOT THE BEST THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD, KISS! One of the songs they sing really gets to me. Read the lyrics it will maybe get to you to "Reason to live" is the name of the song enjoy.

Kiss The Greatest Band Ever.. | Reviewer: Frank Wellman | 1/23/08

Kiss Is The True Heritage Of Classic Rock, Glamor Rock, Big Hair Bands..What Ever I Saw Them In Vancouver Washington In 2005 They Stii Rock. My Kids Are 5 And 7, And They Sing I Was Made For Loving You Babe, How Aewsome Is That. Kiss Army Forever...

KISS ROCKZ! | Reviewer: Gwen | 1/11/08

KISS is my #1 fav band ever it's been my favorite ever since I was born my dad was a KISS fan he was part of the KISS army my mom was almost the same but she liked Bon Jovi so when I was little I was either listning to KISS or Bon Jovi but KISS hit me the most for favorite band there make up drew me in my fav and he is still my fav is Paul Stanley when I was like 8 and I was getting more into KISS I had a super crush on him with and without the makeup haha and this was in like in 2001 my friends still think i'm crazy becuase of that but I think Paul has a cute ass ok that was totally random haha!But,my fav songs would have to be Detroit Rock City,Cold Gin,I Stole Your Love,Rock 'n' Roll All Nite,God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You,and Heavens On Fire.I am a super huge KISS fan now i'm 14 and waiting for them to do a ruinuin or something over here in the united states since if they do there's no doubt i'm gonna be there i'll even skip school to go I do not want to miss a KISS concert for anything!

Musician | Reviewer: Terry | 12/11/07

I think Kiss has great music the guitars riffs are cool and not easy to play but the lyrics need some work, more depth. Anyway I think they have agreat stage show.

Kiss 4evah | Reviewer: Johann | 11/20/07

Kiss is awesomeness incarnated motherfucking period they made 1 comic were they mixed their blood with the ink now that is cool.

I LOVE KISS SO MUCH | Reviewer: Taylor Grigalonis | 11/10/07

Hi i'm Taylor i'm in the seventh grade and i've been in LOVE<3 with KISS since i was 2 years.. My dad got my hooked....He is your NUMBER 1 FAN he freaked he said he freaked out when he saw Paul Stanley's hand on Tv when he was younger like my age...his favorite bandmember id Paul Stanley... He has everyone of the action figures...I absolutly LOVE Peter Criss<3.. I like Paul, Ace, Gene but i really like to learn to learn how to play the drums...i went as Peter for holloween...

Love ,


hey can you answer some questions for me????? = ) | Reviewer: katelyn | 11/1/07

hey im katelyn in seenth grade. my boyfriend and i love kiss is so swesome my favorite one is paul stanley the one with the black star on one eye! well any ways i need to know some stuff so here's question #1)If your band is having a hard or rough time what would you say to keep them going? #2) how old were you when you first started the band " KISS "? thats all of the questions i have for you right now so if you could send me those answers please! well i have to go




rocktastic | Reviewer: cornelia | 10/12/07

kiss is the band i think everyone should see or listen to!they are loud and proud , sexy and cool.i love them!!!