I LOVE KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Natasha | 10/26/12

i am 12 and was born in 2000 and when i was REALLY little,like 1-3 my parents showed me KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park and they became my favorite band.the 1st real non nursery rhyme song my sister sang was Beth.i needed to get Monster and when Best Buy didn't have it i made my mom and both my younger sisters drive to target to get it.they weren't very happy but i was in a bad mood because of it.Freak describes me.I AM A FREAK!!!!!!!!!!my sister thats 10 calls me that,my mom thinks i'm wierd or different,my friends know i'm not your normal 12 year old (my favorite type of music is rock and metal from the 80's and its ALL i listen to).my 6 year old sister admires me and is happy with us both being wierd (she too likes 80's rock and metal but she likes EVERYTHING.her favorite band is Poison and she likes I Want Action Unskinny Bop Talk Dirty To Me and Nothin But A Good Time and i like them too but KISS is my favorite).I AM PROUD TO BE A FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!