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Performed by Kiss

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A GREAT SONG!!!!! | Reviewer: Natasha | 9/15/12

KISS is my FAVORITE band and i LOVE this song!!!!!!!i usually don't like softer songs like this but i LOVE soft songs by KISS and Def Leppard for some reason.i LOVE Poison but i don't like their softer songs as much as i do other ones by them.i can't explain it.i was watching metal mania on vh1 classic once and i saw crazy crazy nights on.i was SUPER excited.i was watching it today and i was telling my sister about that during a commercial break and she said she never heard that song so i was like WHAT!!??then i said it would be wierd if KISS was on after the commercial break with crazy crazy nights.when the break was over KISS was first with forever and i was like THATS SO WIERD!!!just sayin.when i am married and when i die (i'm 12 so their both gonna be a while) i want this song to be playing along with every KISS song and Poison and Def Leppard even if it is pour some sugar on me talk dirty to me or i was made for lovin you. its a wierd request but i will be happy if they do.

Wedding Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/12

When my wife and i were married this song was the song that I wanted as our wedding song. I did not have it as such only due to the elderly family that was to be there and chose with my second choice (a song by the band Stryper).
To this day I wish that this was the song i had picked but you cannot go back in time. If I were to write a song for the love of my wife this would be it word for word, she was, is and will always be the only one for me... theres no doubt in my mind......

Forever | Reviewer: Tom | 3/23/10

I will have to say that this video Realy touchs
your heart.FOREVER Copy and past this link in to your browser and click on the video of Kiss FOREVER Please Alow time for the page to load
then go back and watch it.


Hermosisima la letra | Reviewer: Agus | 11/1/08

Hello! My name is Agustin. I live in Argentina. I can't speak inglish very good. I love the lyric of this song! He had never read a more beautiful song! My fotolog is , I translated the lyrics of this song in the post to spanish. Thanks for your attention.

Love.. | Reviewer: Anonymous boy from sweden | 10/22/08

when i hear this song i cant help myself from thinking about my girlfriend which i love so much and this time its REAL, i really see my future in her eyes, i really want to be with her and only her forever. It took me several years to find this girl and when i did i realized i am the happiest of all the young men in the world. shes so wonderful im just melting in her eyes everytime i look into them. i really LOVE her

fuckin forever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/07

this song reminds me that we all must die, and there's enought time to fuck all the girls of the world. so romantic!

Awesome | Reviewer: Liubomir Yalamov | 7/26/07

This song truly kicks ass.. I've never been true fan of KISS, but I've searched for this song since I first heard it,and I'm glad that I found it. An outstanding and everlasting power ballad from good ol' KISS. Just can't stop listening.. Foreeever.. :)

Oh yeah,Bulgaria is the best ! \_/ Keep on rocking ;)

FOREVER! | Reviewer: Danail Naidenov | 6/28/07

I have no words...just FOREVER.
Greetings from all Bulgaria`s KISS fans

memories | Reviewer: kayleigh | 4/26/07

This song reminds me of my dad, he used to play it in the car when i was a little girl! when i hear it i think of my dad who i will live forever xxx

the chorus is wrong | Reviewer: JkbT | 3/30/07

theres nothing dying

It's forever, this time I know and there's no doubt in my mind Forever, until my life break through, girl I'll be lovin' you forever

no but next to your own

Awesome | Reviewer: anton hauk | 2/13/07

This song is sad yet romantic at the same time. Good song to play today on Valentines Day

Memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/06

Memories of Mick. Tragically taken from us July 11th 1999. This song will live with me forever. Play it over and over, an awesome track you will never tire of. K,D & B. XX

Awsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/05

The best love song ever. I used it for me & my husband's wedding song, i love it so much

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