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My father in music | Reviewer: Karma Rimamsomteti Bako | 6/20/11

Dear kirk,
I am most greatful to God for makin me a living soul in ur generation. The first time i heard ur song, 'Revolution', I tot it was jst those type of guys who jst sing al the funky stuffs, dat was when i was stil small. As i grew, i learn to look into the meanin behind all your songs and to be frank, they are all inspiring. The song that really touched me the most is 'ALWAYS'. I often cry becos its jst like its directed to me. Al ur songs are meaningful and penetrates right into one's heart. Am from Nigeria in Taraba State. U always come to Lagos or Abuja, bt my own state is not really benefitin @all. I wil LOVE to work wit u in anyway dat u wish. I'll keep on praying for you to live LONG and STRONG. Funny enof, i always imagine u leading saints in heaven who wil continually render praises to GOD and am one among the drummers, hahahahahahah. You shall leave long to ginger people like me to the top. I really, really, really love the spirit in U. Keep d gud faith and know dat someone in Taraba State, Nigeria, is interceeding 4U. My FATHER in music.

Janet Wandia Kenya | Reviewer: Stella Janet Wandia | 5/16/11

Dear Kirk,
I am writing all the way from Kenya.I first got to hear your music while in Georgia 4 years ago. As you sang"Imagine ME" i felt you were talking about my life. I gave my life to the Lord because of ure music and Donny Mcklirkin.Having never known Christ personally(i was in the world) , I now have a deep connection with him.Continue the good job u are doing. I Love You

reviewz | Reviewer: GT | 5/1/11

you are one of the greatest artists i have ever heard, your music brought me closer to God, rebirth, fight of my life and hero meant the world to me coz they came @ times that i really needed to hear them. you are indeed great and may God keep using you to reach the unreached. LUV U LOADZ!

U are a legend | Reviewer: Jasmine seun | 2/25/11

I so much love ur music.ur songs,they inspire me and make me think deep.u are an angel,a genius,a motivator nd a supernatural being.keep up d good work bro.GOD bless you.wil like 2 work with u personally if u don't mind.

a music messenger | Reviewer: chi-richard | 12/27/10

kirk, You indeed gave a voice and a new style to gospel music. Powerful, inspiring and spirit driven. You are not just a musician but a minister in song lyrics. i love you, keep it up.

N.B. Wish to hearing from you personally.

The God in you | Reviewer: Nathan Wenio | 12/5/10

Kirk, God have used you to tremendiously bless my life through your music, one thing i hold in high esteem is the fact that back ground does not matter, all that matters is discovering the God in you, and you are a true example of that. God bless you and i look up to you.

Strong in God | Reviewer: Ms. Dana | 12/2/10

Kirk, I thank God for using you and you for allowing God to do so, Single mother of 6 and more trial and tribulations we endure, but GOD IS GOOD.. I am a gospel mime teacher and God gives us your music to work through We thank you for your willing vessels because of that we I am able to work with vessels of hounor. Much love, Always, strong in God.

I love your music spirit | Reviewer: akase eric | 11/29/10

As i took time to reminisce this song, i began to shed tears not because i was sorrowful but because of the remembrance of God's deliverance from a situation i couldn't help myself from. pls i'd like to partner with you.

jennifer | Reviewer: MARIA MONTES | 1/22/10

I´m from Panama, I love your music, I always listen them. I like to sing Gospel Music of matter of fact I wrote english songs music. I read your biography. allow me to congratulate you for your victories and don't stop to fight until you obtain the crown of glory. you are mainly a great producer. Go ahead I belong to the Hosanna Church. I preach the gospel and I sing too. The people say that I am white inside and black inside and I believe it. because I like this generate of music. thanks you! | Reviewer: Mark | 12/25/09

I employee people of all beliefs and I use your music to inspire them. You represent a soldier of compassion, passion, and love and there is never a feeling of judgment. You're a star in every meaning of the word. Thank you.

You gave me a new meaning to gospel music | Reviewer: Innocent Museve | 11/16/09

Kirk you are wonderful man,you are my man.I always listen to your music on a daily basis,from my phone,my stereo and my laptop.African gospel music is totally different from yours but I prefer your kind.I love your collaborations especially with Stevie Wonder,Rance Allen,Ike,Donnie and others.Also your choir is great.Keep it explosive man.Love from Zimbabwe

comment on Kirk musaic | Reviewer: Joseph T. Gonkarnue | 10/27/09

Kirk,you are a blessing to the world to preach the gospel through soul stiring and heart litfing songs.I am a great lover of your music.I always learn and teach your songs to my church choir back home in my country Liberia and even now to my church choir here in Australia.

positvely changed | Reviewer: John Onah | 10/17/09

I must confess, I love scoring your music, You touched my life beyond measure, you brought gospel music closer to unbelivers to be able to understand God, you also make me fill God is nearer to me than I think. You'er a model, Bless you Brooooh. continue.......

A man of God | Reviewer: Marcee Williams | 9/8/09

Mr. Franklin I am a young adult and you are a great leader and person to look up to and you are a bless and talented man of god. Thank yopu for making songs that can tough a young persons heart like me Thanks 4 all you have done much love and blessing

Ms C | Reviewer: Ms C | 8/28/09

Kirk Franklin is one of my many favorite Gospel leaders. He is a very talented inspiring man of God! I enjoy everything about him and his family is a beautiful blessing for him, Im sure! Keep on doing what God has called you to do! I love you with the love of Christ, AlWAYS!

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