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Performed by Kirk Franklin

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Not A Waste Of Time | Reviewer: Lightbright | 9/3/07

This Song Had So Much Meaning. This Was Definetly Not A Waste of time after I understood what the words were saying, I began to cry.

"Amazing Grace" | Reviewer: Joe | 8/16/07

God is never late to save you.This song reveals what i believe.God is grate and He is my Hero,and i love Him with all my heart.Keep believing everyone!

Great God, Great song! | Reviewer: Bukola | 8/7/07

Thank God for Jesus. I am because of Him. He's truly the Hero, my Hero. Halleluyah!!! Bless you Kirk. Keep the music coming

thanks be to god for kirk franklin | Reviewer: christina b. | 7/19/07

this song hero is really a blessing to me because it helps me through my ups and downs.i really enjoy the inspiration from the living god through you.

Thank You Lord | Reviewer: Denise | 6/26/07

You truly saved the day! Kirk Franklin blessed us with his annointing from God. Thank you Lord for not just saving the day, but saving my life!

About the song Hero performed by kirk Franklin | Reviewer: Shelly B | 6/21/07

wow!!! God is Good that song is a true blessing to everyone who needs a hero

Great | Reviewer: Boone Nichols | 6/4/07

Thank You Jesus, You definetly saved my day. Thank you Father for this blessed song.

Powerful | Reviewer: Tiffany B | 4/4/07

Yet another powerful song by Kirk Franklin. Last year,my ministry did a skit to this was so beautiful!! And so true..Jesus saved the day!

Great song, great CD. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/05

Haven't been touched by his music like this song since "Silver and Gold". Heck, the whole CD is great.

Bernard Green Jr.
Atlanta, Georgia

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