In reply to la | Reviewer: James | 11/1/12

I agree with you I personaly know what you are on about. You listen closely to liryics and find a meaning to them when you have drugs playing on your mind MDA and MDMA (Molly or Mandy) tend to do this to an intense state.

Whiskey in the jar/thin lizzy. | Reviewer: Clare M | 5/31/09

Ahhh.. Whiskey in the jar is not a Thin Lizzy song. It is a traditional irish drinking song, A song which Thin Lizzy, they broke the top of the pops with their cover and kicked off their career. It is not however a Thin Lizzy original.

Interesting song | Reviewer: liam | 4/17/09

I have to agree that it is about a women and mainly about the vagina. I believe its refering to how a woman can at times control a man through the mere suggestion of sex. The power of a women over a man. Its quite a deep song, brilliant just brilliant.

twisted neil | Reviewer: jim Rig | 7/28/08

your wrong its bout a girl. take your chances with her while you can but she will also mess you up as well but it was well worth it.

not about mdma although i see the comparisons.

kol are the best no doubt.

umm alright | Reviewer: La | 2/13/08

FIRST OFF: This song is great and Kings of Leon perfected it, i could see how people would think that it was kinda a play off of "whisky in my bottle" but i highly doubt it

SECOND OFF: This song is about MDA, the purest form of MDMA (ecstasy). When they sell MDA they often call it "Molly".

1."White- bare naked in the night"- obvouisly they are talking about the color of the MDA, because it is known for its very white color or the "pure" look it has

2."And lookin' for some play"- drugs always play with your head, and in many songs they refer to drugs as finding you instead of you finding them

3."Just another girl that wants to rule the world
At any time or place"-Most songs that are talking about drugs usually refers to it as, she,her,etc. because wemon are so suductive and tend to get themselves into what they want. Also when somone is on drugs it takes over them, their body and their world, so its only natural to think that these things want to take over the entire world.

4."And when she gets into your head
You know she’s there to stay" - MDA is a highly addictive drug to use, and so right here i beilive they are talking about how you get that high and you know youll want more

5."You want it, She’s got it"- This showing that the drug will help, or give you with whatever you want.

6."Molly’s Chamber's gonna change your mind"-change your mind is refering to messing with your mind and putting you into a different state

7."She’s got your, Your pistol"- MDA has been known to kill people and so when it wants you to die you die, which explains what they say

8."Slow- She’s burnin’ in your soul"- You will slowly become addicted to MDA

9."With whispers in your ear"- When you get addicted to its like therte is somone reminding you all the time



another meaning for the chambers | Reviewer: savannah | 11/15/07

in a freudian read, one can infer the "chambers" to be feminine, or like the womb, so really...molly's chambers is referring to the vagina. was it an accident that the word pistol, a word that is awfully phallic and a symbol of mail virility is the last line of the song, right after the mention of said 'chamber?' i think not.

Whiskey in the Jar | Reviewer: John | 8/3/07

"to the guy under me whiskey in the jar was written by thin lizzy."
The Thin Lizzy version is the best known, but actually the song is much older than that. It's an Irish folk song which they rocked up. My dad used to sing it to me.

ummmm yea | Reviewer: k | 7/26/07

1) to the guy under me whiskey in the jar was written by thin lizzy. Mettalica covered it which is why it is on Garage inc.

2) The songs are not related. Molly's Chamber is another term for PRISON.

dig it
it makes sense

Molllys Chamber | Reviewer: Brady | 5/17/07

I only got it after sseing the lyrics but its really linked to whiskey in the jar by thin lizzy

Magic! | Reviewer: Graham | 4/23/07

Kings of Leon - fantastic band, so much talent going on here, cant praise 'em enough!

Some car commercial | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/05

Had to look up the tune after hearing it on a car commercial. Not bad...

Didn't get it at first | Reviewer: Layne Staley's Ghost | 4/15/05

I didn't understand it at first, but now it makes perfect sense. Molly, Chamber, pistol..."Whiskey In A Jar!" METALLICA!

wo0o0o | Reviewer: Mary | 8/31/04

Kings Of Leon ROCK, they're so great