Kings of Leon -Cold Desert | Reviewer: TwoCentsWorth | 6/23/12

Thank you to the poster of these lyrics! Appreciate your effort!!! :)

@yea -anonymous-1/17/2009

I would rather have it put up with mistakes that I can then correct if I copy the lyrics than not have them at all when I have difficultiy understanding some of the lyrics. Having something is better than having nothing. Make your own corrections and just be happy someone took of their time to even bother to put the lyrics up for others to have access to.

If you do not like it then get off the page or better yet, write the lyrics yourself or make the needed corrections and keep comments like that to yourself. The world already has enough meanness in it, no one needs to add even more! If people found reasons to be kind instead of mean it would be a much nicer place to live like it used to be instead of fowl mouthed, mean spirited and or just down and out rotten remarks people make because everyone is not a perfect speller.

Want someone to really complain to about spelling, why not start a petition to get teachers to actually teach and have kids come out of school with a real education like they did in the past. Kids now come out of twelth grade with an eight grade education if they are lucky. Put your criticism to better use by getting at the root of the problem.

Just because you like a group so much does not give you the right to criticise another for their efforts. Without effort you have nothing to nothing much at all or is that a lost learnt expression now as well?

P.S. Feel free to correct any of my mispellings, grammatical distortions, incorrect puntuation or otherwise.

Have a great day in spite of differences of point of view!!! :)

yea | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/09

who put these lyrics here? not a good job, some lyric mistakes, obvious ones, first verse even, and illiterate too, cryed, cried*, come on man if your gonna post lyrics, especially from a great band, get it right

The Best track off Only By the Night | Reviewer: Repstock | 11/29/08

Genuinely poignant and emotionally resonant. A great way to close the album. For an album that has a kind of "over-commercialized" sound (at least in the context of comparing it with their 3 previous efforts) and a sound obviously created with arena-rocking in mind, this track is capable of rising above that and reaches greatness.

"Jesus don't love me
No one ever carried my load
I'm too young to feel this old"