Giving Back | Reviewer: Aliceray | 3/20/13

This is one special soul, given what he had, talent wise, he took it and made it HIS and made it to the top. Setting goals and reaching them, but always giving back to his old neighborhood and other charitable organizations, I see him in a NEW LIGHT <3 LOVE::::LIGHT:::LAUGHTER::and::TEACHING tolerance in all ways, always. Infinitum♥♥♥mama♥♥♥

All Summer Long: 1973 in Northern Michigan | Reviewer: Kirk | 11/15/12

When I heard the song "All Summer Long" and the description of party on the beach, playing "Sweet Home Alabama" I was immediately transported back to that summer, just before graduating from high school, being able to drive, and spending the summer in northern lower Michigan at a Scout Camp. The song accurately depicts the attitudes, atmosphere and period that I was growing up in. What a great blast from the past. Thanks Kid Rock.

The Original American Badass | Reviewer: Carl Randolph | 12/25/11

I have all Kid Rocks music he is me and my sons favorite singer and will always be #1 in our lives he is a lyrical genius and no one compares in our book though we have yet to see him live but hes always coming through Washington and one of these times we will have the money to go see our music hero We can not wait weve heard about his shows and one day we will see him live So onthat note keep on kid Rocking in the FreeWorld from Carl JR & Carl the third

all the love | Reviewer: Beth Eaton | 10/12/09

I love Kid Rock he is by far my favorite artist. I have all the albums and have seen him in concert. It was the best show. I have pics and T shirts. I even framed my tickets. My husband and I love your music. With all my love, Beth.

LOVE KID ROCK | Reviewer: TAMATHA | 6/13/09

I have never really been a big fan of Kid Rock until now. I recently seen him at Bama Jam Music Festival in Enterprise Alabama. Being a southern Alabama girl it's wonderful to hear songs about the south. Especially a trade mark like SWEET HOME ALABAMA, I love the way he mashed the two songs together to come up with a perfect it, All Summer Long, is above far the best song ever written and recorder. I love the fact that he is so down to earth, I've watched many interviews with him and he's not like alot of the other artist in the business, he's who he is and if you don't like it F*** off, I love that in a man!!!! I hope to see him again in concert real soon, who knows if I'm lucky maybe I'll see him walking around town in Alabama...... All the love from a ALABAMA GIRL

I love you! | Reviewer: Kara Kerr | 2/12/09

Kid Rock you are amazing. I love your music and my first concert was one of your concerts. It was phenominal and i really want you to play in detroit again so i can go to another one. you are seriously my idol. my family loves you, epecially me and my dad. you are a great entertainer.

Warrior | Reviewer: Melissa | 11/11/08

I totally love this song and it always brings tears to my eyes because I lost my cuz/brother in Iraq on April 18, 2008 and this song reminds me of him and what he was trying to do! It explains him in so many ways like the part where it goes, "if you ain't gonna fight then get out of the way" that was totally him! Also now my boyfriend is over in Iraq and so now I have to deal with this too! But I know that everything is goin got be ok! Just wanted to give you your props on this great song!

single father | Reviewer: alyshia wilbanks | 11/23/07

I love your song single father. it is very toching it reminds me a lot of when we me my brother and my sister lived with pur father. we love all your songs every body in my famliy does. but anyways love ya very much.... =)

Kid Rock is Best | Reviewer: mayank b | 4/25/06

KR is one of the very good Morden Rock band ..... with lot of Abusing Language..... Porn......"Pimp of the nation"......Very American centered........ His music is really varry catchy ...with songs like cowboys, Bawatidaba, Badass, Mississipi, mother*** like me ....and with a long list of other good songs....the band is very ROCKING !!!
I ll rate KR in top 10 artist in Mordern Rock / Alternative..... RECommended for eveyone :)) .......
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