trust | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/11

I love this song so much cause it tells the truth in a relationship and if you dont have trust in a relationship you and your partner will just fight all the time. You also have to have faith in your relationship and that is what this song is saying.

lovely song | Reviewer: poohbaby aka antonio's wifey | 5/16/09

mane i love his song!!!!!it spaeks tha truth about a relationship and helps you out especially when you're going thru things in it. relationships is based on trust,compassion,honesty,love,and joy;and this is wat this song is basically saying!trust her because she wont hurt you she's there for you!!!!!!!!!

beautiful song | Reviewer: Helen EM'zz | 5/14/09

This is such a beautiful song
i love it and the lyrics are amazing
i mean Keyshia Cole & Monica their both so talented
and i believe their gonna get a Grammy in the U.s soon
coz this song is amazinq :)