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The way it is | Reviewer: Gia | 12/17/07

I think that keyshia made a lot of since and I love her for that.When i was reading that message i was really feeling that. She was been so real about life because life is just the way she said, but if she get a chance to read this i want her to no that i really admire her.THANKS Gia Brown

My life | Reviewer: Sha | 12/16/07

you have inspried me to move on in my life because my father is also lockup and I don't know how to deal with but by me watching you on tv you show me that anyhing you put your mind to you can do it andwhen you are hurting you express it though your music.

keyshia cole | Reviewer: saroya | 12/14/07

hey keyshia ! wats up girl? how you doin i would love to meet you sometime!& i love your song shoulda let you go it reminds me of all the hard times i had with my boyfriend!

a true survivor | Reviewer: Kiara | 12/13/07

My name is Kiara and I live in South Carolina very small..... alright place...... but watching you perform and your show the way it is... it's serious because when you visited that group home in the last season I was touched because I am in that situation now, I have been in foster care ever since 2005 from then I have changed and I think you should write a book about surviving those places cause looking back I feel the pain that I had to go through with family who suppose to be there who aren't now and losing my mother the year later almost took my life. I could go on and on about my stuggles and i am pretty sure you can understand. Alot of people tell me they understand but they just saying that just so i can hear it .... i think your great I like your music, I can connect with the struggle you went through and i liked how you survived..... you do well and it's really not much to not like cause I love it all...... I LOVE THAT SONG I REMEMBER..... good luck on pursuing!!!!

Tha Dime Diva !!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: shawtanna | 12/11/07

hey keshia what's up?I would love to meet you one day. I also love your show on bet.U need to come back to DALLAS and rock tha club.
love always your girl shawtanna *AKA* Tha Dime Diva

i luv so much | Reviewer: amber lattimore | 12/10/07

hey keyshia i jus want 2 say i luv u i watch yo show every time it come on i am 15 years old and i want 2 b jus lik u wen i am older u is a real person 4 wat u did 4 yo momma and sister so keep on doin wat u do luv ya xoxo

A True Idol | Reviewer: Antanay | 12/10/07

Hi, Keyshia I just wanted you to know that you are my true idol. I look up to you as a big sister becaus I am the oldest. I go to a church called Progressive Church of God. All of things you have done for your family are wonderful. I hope to be just like you one day. I will always look up to you no matter what.

MY Idol | Reviewer: Robyn Anderson | 12/8/07

Keyshia you inspire me so much i have every cd that you made and although i am 14 yrs old I feel you on everything! I just wish one day I can express my feelings in my music ya digg? i dont have any sobb stories about how i grew up w/o this or that and no im not gonna ask can U come to my party but what ii will do is wish you the best of luck with your career KEYSHIA keep ya head up and tell Neffe to do the same! LOVE YA LOTS KEYSHIA!!!! keep it up gurl!

My Look Alike | Reviewer: savanna jones | 12/7/07

Ever since you came out thats the only music I listen too anything with Ms.Coles she is talented and pretty. Plus people always say we look just alike only if my tits were bigger

keyshia cole is my role model | Reviewer: Symone Davis | 12/5/07

Keyshia cole you is my role model i am 16yrs old I love your music i wish i could meet you one day because i look up to you i really wish i had you as my bih sister by the way i love your music and i wish the best for you

Keyshia Cole | Reviewer: Kimberly Kent | 12/5/07

Hey Keyshia Cole its your biggest fan in the world and i would love to meet you one day and i would luv to have you at my 19th birthday party next month 01-19-89 so please can you be there you will make me so happy to even hear you talk to me on my birthday that day so please im begging you can you please come to my birthda party in January 19th please i would love to see you there thank you. yuor biggest fan, ~Kim K.

You have inspired me | Reviewer: Delvesha | 11/30/07

Keyshia, you have come a long way,And you just inspired me so much because this lets me know that no matter where you come from you can still be what you want to be.So good luck and keep doing what you do.Your new album is off the chains.


I lived in Oakland for 15 years and I understand the disease that you mother suffers from and I commend her for staying clean. I commend you for keeping your head on straight through all the turmoil that transpires in the East. I must say, The Town ain't nothing nice, but despite that you've overcome. CONGRATULATIONS!

R and B Queen | Reviewer: MEKALORD | 11/29/07

I think Keyshia is an amazing singer and she should have the title of being the Queen of R&B. He music is just GREAT.

rock'n | Reviewer: thelma holman | 11/28/07

hi,i hope u read dis cuz if u did i want u to no i can sing and i love to meet u and that billy bob or wat eva his name is he need to stop killing people dreams and my bff said hi and she love u and so do i. and my number is 326-4785. if u need to talk to i guess i'll write u later and your my friend on myspace. bye

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