Enough of no love! ENOUGH SAID | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/12

Keyshia has done it again. I love this song. Some women really need to listen to this because a lot times we as women are so quick to have an attitude with the other woman. If he was really into you he wouldn't be sneaking around on you. Woman up and have some self respect, hold your head up and keep it moving. The best revenge is no revenge!

Tired of no love between us | Reviewer: notorius brown | 8/26/12

i get what she was saying in her song cause there are men out here that dont know how to treat there ladys and that is so messed up thats why i am done with my sorry boyfriend that dont like to do any thing but sit there watching tv and he do not like to clean up after he mess somthing up. all iam saying is that men need to step they a game or they about to miss a whole lot.