Oh God No!!! | Reviewer: Kelli | 3/7/2008

I don't like her at all. She sounds like everyone else. anybody can do what she does. She just new the right people to get her famous. And she better not be with Chris Brown. i heard she had a sexual transmitted diease

oooooh | Reviewer: makaita | 7/26/2005

i have only heard one song from this chick and i fell in love with her voice. she sings like she really means what she is saying in her song and you actually go through the emotions she is bringing out. i wish i could hear more from her. a bit of MTV exposure wouldnt go wrong

Has a very lovely voice | Reviewer: Vange Nahanee | 10/30/2004

Keshia Chante, I am a very big fan of hers. I love her voice, and she's a very talented young lady. She's an inspiration to the younger generation. She has her head on right, she's one of the lucky stars that you can look to as a role model. In this industry, there is less and less people that can be role model's. You have girl's like Britney and Christina, who seem to not know what clothes are anymore. Keshia has a unique voice, and I've liked her since her Shook (the answer), song.