gambling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/12

you have to know when to fold,
when to run,when to walk away! this is true, never mind your environment, simply when things gotta more and more hard for you know how to run and go so far from them! run away is never a shame but it is enabled only by heroes!
dedicate to all of you!

A Song of Peace | Reviewer: Pristly | 3/6/12

My lecturer came to class & asked all of us to listen to dis song & let it flow in our vain. Am glad I did. According to him there is a lesson in d song dat every diplomat or a negotiator should learn; LEAVE D STAGE WHEN D OVATION IS LOUDEST, becos u can't win all the time & u can't hav all u want. There is a wisdom in dis song.

Life is all about gambling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/11

Yea 'the gambler' was is just gambling..situations in life is all about u winnin or losing..somtimes u just happen to break even...somtimes u in a trap not knowin whot to keep or throw away.

Love this song | Reviewer: Angii | 6/8/11

My favorite analogy for life is a deck of cards or a hand. For those of u that dont get this let me expain. If u have a bad day that is like a bad hand of cards. Jus because u have a bad hand doesnt mean u lose the game, just because u had a bad day doesnt mean everyday will be bad. I love this song. for those that think the "gambler" lost, not so he reached the end of his life so now it is time to sit back and "count his money". As for the other man he was down on his luck. the gambler gave him some advice that meant a lot and helped him. it gave him the power to turn his "losing hand" into a "winning hand". I love this song because it helps me to know that no matter what i am going thru it wont break be the end of me unless i let it. Im gonna play my deck of cards till i have none left.

love this song | Reviewer: ratgirl34 | 3/10/11

I like this song. Sometimes life is a gamble, and if we don't know when to walk away or play our 'aces' we gamble poorly. Whether financially, romanticly, professionally... It's a harder lesson to learn than an old guy on a train telling you so lol But for those who learn it... Lucky bastards lol

gambler is philosophic of life. | Reviewer: JOHN | 9/23/10

if you notice the train is bound for nowhere. THAT SHOWS THE SONG IS SYMBOLIC. The gambler thinks kenny rogers is out of aces but because it is he (stranger) who is out of aces or he wouldn't be buming kennys last drink and cigarette. As he drifts off to sleep it appears he is dead in his sleep. while kenny had an ace he could have played to his benefit to win the game. we are all gamblers in life and we all break even at the end. THE LORD JESUS GUARANTEES IT. nitroman

Don't get it | Reviewer: dogboy | 8/17/10

This song has fooled a lot of people, it offers no great life answers, it makes no sense and is so simple it gets all the fools looking for a "deeper meaning". It's funny when they all say "oh ya, I get it, this song is so deep". Ha ha no its not, the lyrics mean nothing.

Th best | Reviewer: Rashid- kenya | 11/29/09

Ths song reminds me of young days where ma life is fully translated! To ma friend and brother 'gabano mohammed' who didn't made to die in his sleep bt th street! RIP BROTHER, PRMS U' I'L DIE IN MA SLEEP JST 4 U!

Never die attitude | Reviewer: Dave | 10/17/07

Come on england on saturday jason robinson lead a boyent england team to sing this special song after there defeat of france noe time to make history

Amazingg | Reviewer: Jacob | 9/9/07

this song is great my uncle had it played at his funeral he owne da bar drank whiskey smoked cigars and gambled...basically this is his life song

last song | Reviewer: michigan | 8/15/07

this is traditionally the final song at a bar at the end of a night at the university of michigan. It represents the end of a great night and brings back memories for all alum...Best song / memories ever!!!

R.I.P Aaron George Penman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/07

Aaron always said he wanted this song played at his funeral, he got his wish.
He was a gambler. He died in his sleep. Age 26. From a hypoglycemic coma.
Rest In Peace Aaron, I will always love you xox

Dying At HOOTERS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/07

This Song reveals Terrific Wisdom, Read Every Word, Chew-it-up and Digest it! We All want to Die In Our Sleep, but if not, I want to Die at HOOTERS!

Had my wife not left me, (after 35 years),I would have wanted die in her arms, but now that is a mute issue, so a HOOTR Girl will have to do, And She Will, (No matter Which one it ends-up being!)

Conrad Craber, 05-25-07
Fairview, OR

Wow | Reviewer: Deanna | 5/12/06

This is an amazing song. I'm in the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets and this song represents a trade. The Gunnery Trade. This song is Hard core and i listen to it all the time when ever i can.