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Performed by Kenny Rogers

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A lesson for all of us | Reviewer: Gene Schmuckler | 7/4/14

I have used the Gambler on many ocassions when giving presentations to public safety personnel.The song has gained the attention of a good number of those who have the opportunity of listenting to do it.

hard-boiled lyrics with a bounce | Reviewer: Lightninrick | 11/26/13

The lyrics of this song are grim from the start: "on a train bound to nowhere," "we were both too tired to sleep," "the night got deathly quiet and his face lost all expression," "the best you can hope for is to die in your sleep." That's some pretty tough stuff: life sucks and then you die. The speaker could be a hard-boiled hood or detective from a James Cain novel. If the lyrics were all there was to this tune, it would be a real bummer. The bouncy rhythm and the bright, simple melody are what cues us to the hope in the song, which is the idea that we can control our own fates through alertness and attitude ("know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em"). Life is a gamble, but every hand's a winner (and a loser, too). Make the right moves and you'll break even too. The metaphor of life as a gamble is powerful, and this song manages to express the hard edge of the metaphor and the hope in it all at once. It's quite an achievement to put that tough message across without driving the audience away.

nice song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/13

just like the game,we all have aces on our hands,you never know the cards on your opponent's hands.these cards are to be used against you and the only way to conger them is by "holding on" the master card which in this case is JESUS CHRIST. Accept him n you will finally sit to enjoy your wealth in heaven. Be blessed gumblers...

analogy of card for life(ilove the song to the end) | Reviewer: jonas uka | 10/23/13

the song is owesome ,symbolic n educative.we all make life by reading n judging situations we encounter in our way to success n we shuold also not count our chicks before they are hatched.n life entails loosing n succeeding hence experience is the best teacher.

Is reflects our way of thinking n doubting each other. | Reviewer: Tintswalo Rapula | 8/18/13

D moral of dis song is dat we sometimes do somethings in a spare of a moment,n we don't use d litle opportunities dat we r given 2fulfill whatever we do at dat time n when not achieved we tend 2 blame d in order 2 win d game u hav 2 know how 2 hold d card carefully n play dem in d right way n know wen 2 stop n always be onguard. Life is pretious n we don't notice n in death our bones cannot b differentiated.

My Thoughts | Reviewer: John Ve | 8/12/13

Lot of wisdom here. Simple but after 64 years of testing theory I can say it is all true. I've had a good life and was delt many hands. Some I played right others I didn't know when to run. I had many days in the sunshine probably just as many in the rain. And now I also hope to die in my sleep.

Secret of a Gambler | Reviewer: Prosper Kandemiiri | 7/31/13

if you know when, and what to throw and know when to hold, know when to fold, walk away, and when to run, that's life's crucial secret at every situation. Some say a good guest knows when to leave the house. It's all about knowing the best time to break even. When to put all yo eggs in one basket and when not to sow at all. I leant a lot Kenny thanks.

The Gambler's advice | Reviewer: Munyaradzi Benjamin | 7/24/13

This is probably the best lesson I have learnt in a long time. It is just awesome to see what a simple song can do to shape our lives. There is a time for everything but what matters most is whether or not the timing is good. I surely have also found an ace in the Gambler's advice that I intent to keep for the rest of my life.

Strategy for life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/13

This song is about the strategy of life. Know when to hold em (know when to stay) know when to fold em )know when to give up on something or someone and try something or someone else. Know when to run - know when to get the hell out of your situation quickly for your own sake. You never count your money, sitting at the table (never let people know your game plan or be too complacent about your luck or winnings - because things could change in a heartbeat)and there'll be time enough for counting when the dealing is done. (when it is all clear and on the table) In the end, we all break even. We are all the same in the end. The game is a strategy for coping with life but in the end we all die and we're equal.

fold 'em | Reviewer: jani | 11/24/12

It's a great song this. Whenever I hear it, I can picture a smoky back room, a naked light bulb over a card table, with a few sleazy-looking characters hunched over, beers all round and broken dreams.

Real. | Reviewer: Ryan Ray Jnr Banks | 11/18/12

Dats a gud song wit agud advice.thumbs up to yu Roggers for yo song iz rily touchin.yu should knw hw to play de game 4 yu 2survive,'every gambler knows the secret to survivin' kul dat.

Leaving a bad situation behind | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/12

Life is like a card game in which we don't have much control over the hands we're dealt. Success in life, or even just getting through, depends on knowing that we can either hold the cards we're dealt, or fold them and walk away to try again in another time and place. Knowing this, that we're not limited by what's immediately before us, is an "ace" we can keep. Nice insight, Kenny!

A Reality | Reviewer: Barnabas K. Ruto | 9/26/12

The song reveals our ultimate destination in life.AS in a race,many participates but only the determined,calculative athletes emerges the winners.In life,we all starts from the same point,but ends up in different destinations,depending on how one played his own cards.Others ends up being the greatest engineers,doctors and leaders,while others ends up being robbers,terrorists and miserable people.Gamble smartly

gambling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/19/12

you have to know when to fold,
when to run,when to walk away! this is true, never mind your environment, simply when things gotta more and more hard for you know how to run and go so far from them! run away is never a shame but it is enabled only by heroes!
dedicate to all of you!

A Song of Peace | Reviewer: Pristly | 3/6/12

My lecturer came to class & asked all of us to listen to dis song & let it flow in our vain. Am glad I did. According to him there is a lesson in d song dat every diplomat or a negotiator should learn; LEAVE D STAGE WHEN D OVATION IS LOUDEST, becos u can't win all the time & u can't hav all u want. There is a wisdom in dis song.

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