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Luv, luv, luv | Reviewer: Karen from KTown | 8/11/14

I've heard of Kenny sightings and stories(all postive) around town for years. Since I have loved Kenny(like I know him)since he hit the air. I took my neice and nephew for a concert in Lexington when they were barely turning teens. They thought he was great too. That was their first concert experience. What a wonderful time we had! My neice saw him again in Fla. in concert on one of her college spring breaks. That must of been exciting. I'm getting old but, I still hope to cross paths with Kenny one day. I will have to have my pic with him and post to facebook.

Simple Perfection | Reviewer: GTB | 5/10/13

As a father of 4 teenagers and married to the same woman for 22 years, Kenny's music resonates with me on every level of my life. His music has inspired me for many years and still does. I find myself listening to his music on a regular basis to decompress after a hard day at the office. My wife and I spend lots of time in the islands so I love the southern, laid back spin on his music in recent years. He is nothing less that awesome! Just attended his latest concert in Grand Rapids, MI and couldn't believe again what a talented guy he is. He amazes me with his Simple yet Perfect songs each time he opens his mouth to sing. Love him and what he stands for!

kenny (my husband) ((: | Reviewer: emilyy (: | 11/25/12

kenny , if you read this , im just going say , we are getting married and have one kid together (: i love everything about you and you have always been my favorite singer since i was little . my dad and i used to jam out in the car to your music and still do ! your my idol and i love you !!!!! <3 <3

A Down Home Country Boy | Reviewer: little bit o'nothin | 4/22/12

Hi Kenny, I just wanted to tell you I love your music!!! I have never had the opportunity to be able to go to one of your concerts but I hope to one day. I have entered every contest I come across but haven't given up yet! I get my own personal concert every day to and from work in my car so that will have to do for now. Keep smiling and believing!!:)

kenny chesney, I love your voice very much!!! | Reviewer: shrimp | 4/17/12

I know maybe you have been popular for long, but I'm chinese, I usually listen to Chinese songs. Sorry, but it's real that this is the first time I listen to your song on google music.
When I first listen to your song "I go back", at the first several minutes, I realized this is so perfect voice.
Love your voice so so much!!!
Thank you for so perfect music :)

Waffle House, West Memphis years ago | Reviewer: Steve | 6/23/11

One night while on tour after playing in Memphis, Tn. I pulled my 18 wheeler into the Waffle House in W. Memphis starving for something decent to eat and it was late. There was an older tour bus there and the tables were all full. I sat a the counter and ordered my meal. A few minutes later a good looking young guy came in and sat right next to me. I had no idea who he was. He didn't tell me until after dinner. He ordered the same thing I did. He was pretty cool and easy to talk to. He told me he sang country music and I laughed at him and said it didn't look like it. He was wearing a hoody and he certainly didn't look country. I told him if he was going to be a star he would need to lose that belly he was starting to get. Then I looked at his long dark hair and the balding top of his head. I told him that he might as well shave it off as that was the easiest and cheapest solution. I still didn't know who I was talking to as I listened to rock at the time. I didn't really have a clue who he was until I got home and my parents were watching the Grand Ole Opry and George Strait introduced him. I was stunned. Been a fan ever since and Kenny is a true country boy. Very polite and just a cool dude. I would love to have dinner with him anytime and maybe a couple beers and go fishing or something. Kenny, you are an inspiration and very down to earth. It is a pleasure to have met you the one time and hopefully meet again. thanks, Steve Shively, Leamington, Ontario. Canada

I'm a BIG FAN | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/10

hi kenny im a big fan and i have been for a while now and well my whole family are big fans and your my idel thanks for all your songs, some of them really have helped me through the ruff and the tuff times , thanks!!

What a great singer | Reviewer: Debby | 7/11/10

I found out about your music on a tv show and must say you just blew me away, right away the very next day i went in search for some cd's and dvd's not much luck in getting dvd's in Australia but got some cd's and I love them. Keep up the great work and know you make a load of differnece in many lives. I am very ill lady and the voice makes me smile and jsut get by through the day. Your true fan

i loooove u! | Reviewer: Brandi Andrews | 1/12/10

Dude u are my absolute hero i wish you would play in spokane, washington i would go even if your tickets were 200 bucks i love you so much when i heard u were gonna be on Opera i scremed! my friend taped it for me and i watch it almost every dAY its kinda sad but i have it memorized! love you so much!

i‚ô•kenny | Reviewer: Cynthia White | 8/24/09

i am Kenny's number one fan i am 16 years old and i have loved Kenny since i was just a little girl i listen to him constantly he is all i listen to my favorite song by him is she thinks my tractor sexy i love you Kenny.

I would like to have you as a friend~ | Reviewer: Amanda | 3/20/09

Fist off Hi to ya all! Kenny your music has inspired me- through my thoughest trials in and outta the hospital; sents the age of seven half itslike everyone want to put me in bubble wrap and protect me from everything around - that day I was diagnosed with epilepsy and too this day of age twenty-two still do ; but howeevr I dont let it slow my life down - but most I wanna say thankyou kenny for you're inspiration in my life, I'll never forget what you did for me . But if you can get some friends together on starting May 9th through November that would be amazing - November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month; if you would like any more information please go too - and again kenny thank you ever so much-

god bless you kenny -

Kenny had me from the moment I heard him sing! | Reviewer: Tina | 12/15/08

Kenny is a great singer but also has writen the best songs about life. I have been a fan since I first heard him in 1992! I went to his concert in 2003 in Walla Walla Washington Area. I so wanted to meet with him. I feel he is down to earth and just wanted to meet him and discuss what ever came to mind because I feel that Singers and Stars need the space and breaks that they do not get because of people crowding them and just talking about work. Who wants to talk about work all the time, they need a break and still need friends that are regular people not just stars! Kenny you had me from your first song and i think you would be a awesome friend.

You are awesome | Reviewer: wweandedgelover | 12/11/08

My favotite songs by you are You had me form Hello and You Save Me. every time i hear those they make me think of the one i'm crushing on.My friend says your her favorite country singer. You rock and keep on wriiting songs.

i LOVE kenny chesney | Reviewer: kayla | 9/13/08

i love kenny chesney's voice it sounds so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when he had a concert at the lp feild i went and thats all i went there for just to listen to sing but i was at the very top which i couldnt here that good but it was awsome!! when i took pic's of kenny chesney and got them developed i hung them all over my room! I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!! i will be at your concert next year and at the very next to the stage LOVE YA KENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS KAYLA

I never get sick of your songs no matter how many times I listen... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/08

You definitly have the brains, looks and talent to be who you are... I'm just surprised that you arn't taken and when you were they claimed you were gay, What is wrong with them? You don't need them when you have Fans like me and everyone else that loves you and adores you... Hope to see you someday. God Bless and be careful out on the road!

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