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Awsome | Reviewer: Rebecca | 12/11/06

Kenny's songs are the one things I couldn't live without. His songs are me. I feel like they tell teh storues of my life. His songs are one of the many blessings God has given me and i am so thankful for that. Kenny is awsome and my favorite artist.

Kenny | Reviewer: michaela | 11/6/06

wow! back off keith urban! kenny is soooooo hott! me and a couple of my girlfriend got into a fight over him! We acctually gave each other black eyes1(lol)! then we relized were only 13 there is no way he'll give us a chance! but hes still hott!

He is HOT | Reviewer: Angie | 5/14/06

kenny is the hottest thing on this whole planet. He will always be, nobody could ever beat him. I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!! He is right up there with my boyfriend. LOL

he is so fine !!! | Reviewer: ashley allen | 3/3/06

i think that kenny chesney is the hottest thing to walk the planet. dont you??

kenny is awesome | Reviewer: raspen | 1/9/06

i love the song "who you'd be today" it reminds me of my mom,she died in 1995 of cancer.i hear the song and see my mom's face when i close my eyes,i often wish i could see her,thanks tons kenny,you are the best!!!!

He is the best | Reviewer: holly | 12/26/05

Kenny Chesney had the best concert i had ever seen! he really got into the crowd and the crowd was loving him!! he is a great performer to go see even if you don't like country you will love seeing him live! his music comes from the heart and its about his own life! he is honest bout everything and i think that at the CMA's he should have beat Keith Urban over all of the awards he was up for!!! I love him and i think that he is easy for anybody to connect with!!!!

Kenny Chesney | Reviewer: Jessi | 11/7/04

Kenny Chesney has the best male voice in the entire world I think. He is the person in the coutnry music business that I look up to most. His spirit, talent, and intentions drive him to the top. Because of him, I have seriously considered becoming a professional country singer. Thank you, Kenny! <3

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