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Performed by Kenny Chesney

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What a wonderful discovery | Reviewer: GB | 4/25/13

Saw Dean Dillon at Tin Pan South this year (2013) and he performed this song. Never heard it before. It was just Dean and his guitar - slow, heart-wrenching, bare and raw. One of the most incredible performances of a single song I have ever heard - and I've heard many.

Reflections of the Heart | Reviewer: Reggie Steiner | 7/21/12

For the first time a few days ago. This wonderful song came to my attention. Many times in that day I played this song over and over. My emotions were awakened . My whole life became a movie screen in front of me. Yes, there are things I would change in that movie of my life. This song can bring tears to your eyes for the moments you might want to do different. What makes this song so special. It brings alive your heart to reflect and take more care in the things you do now. Kenny Chesney sings this song superbly for emotion and effect. Thank you Kenny and I now am a fan of yours.

Moves the Soul | Reviewer: Trisha | 12/11/09

I was in awwwh. This song tells a lifestory with so much truth by the composer (which we all can relate too -- one way or another). But let's give a shout out to Kenny for singing the words with so much heart and soul, so much so that we are able to feel the true meaning behind each. So powerful & beautiful it moves everyones soul!

I love it | Reviewer: calee | 3/16/09

this song is beautiful I love it
Really can relate to many peoples live styles.The lyrics sure are touching.Brings back alot of old memorie
And goodbyes we should of made but didnt
Deffinetly a favorite. Kenny you sound great
Also a great song because it can not only
Relate to older people that have lived their life
But teens kids and young adults that have went through
Tough times and regret some stuff they did and more importantly
Stuff they didnt do.

alot of things different | Reviewer: christine haney | 12/29/08

I feel as if this song is my life set to music. It Truely is a work from someone who has lived a life of disapointments and knows all to well what they should have done.But didnt..Im hoping and waiting for him to write the sequile to let me know why I didnt..And if I ever will? GOD BLESS All

How can you go wrong with Bill Anderson, Dean Dillon and Kenny Chesney ? | Reviewer: Johnny Walker | 7/15/08

This song is just proof that Bill Anderson just gets better with age. Between him and Dean Dillon they hit the mark. It's a lot of spoken words. Words that could come from anyone. It's a song about regrets and the price we pay for not doing the things we wish we had. Kenny tares it up in hie relaxed singing style. It's a song that tugs at your heart strings. What an remarkable piece of work. Thanks guys. It's definately one of my top 10 favorite songs.

Sad | Reviewer: Ashley Gross | 3/30/07

This song makes me wanna cry and i love this song i cry every time i listen to this song

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