WHOA!!!!! | Reviewer: Tay Brown | 4/3/06

Kelly snapped on that song men she killed it on the real. when I first heard the song I already knew that it was gon be a song I couldn't stop listening to I cant wait til the cd come out july 11th, because am going to buy the album and get about 4 copies then play them all out
Kellly is the BEST and I dont care what nobody say she looks better then BEYONCE and her voice is to die for when she sings

yes shes backkkkkkkkkkkk | Reviewer: ty | 4/3/06

i can t wait i love this song anyone whos been in love will get it move over Beyonce

Damn!!! Shes did it again... | Reviewer: J. King | 3/30/06

Kellys done it again with another breath-taking refreshing song. I'm in love all over agian.

Thank you Kelly!

Kelly Rowland's song "Flashback" | Reviewer: Jemall Stuart | 3/22/06

I've listend to Kelly Rowlands new song "Flashback" like a thousand times and I really do love it! People that don't like it, won't like it because they don't get the concept of the song. To me, kelly has a beautiful voice and is the best singer in that group. Her runs are hot(ask beyonce').Me personally, I would've choosen a upbeat temple as my first single, or a real slow song because I feel like that would grab every ones attention more. Kels (I call her Kels) has a lot of vocal capability, but I think she is scared to show it because of Beyonce... I don't know. Kelly has more octaves than Beyonce. Kelly has 3.4, and Beyonce has 3.1 octaves and uses them oh so well! Both Sopranos, and Kels sings Alto so much and still sounds lovely. I would give this song 5 stars!!!!!