beautiful | Reviewer: patie | 2/19/09

thats a beautiful song it touches ma soul i also can relate to this song it brings all the good memories bt heartbroken at the same time. her music has matured with time. keep up the gud work thats beautiful

beautiful | Reviewer: lisa | 10/14/07

this song is the best. It explains what im goin through right now. I can play it over and over again. kelly is the a exquiste artist that i never doubted. But she blew me away wit this one. SHe needs to drop this song.

exquisite | Reviewer: sine | 9/14/07

i really feel this song it is so amazing the first time i heard i was blown away by it. i think kelly is a very beautiful human being and very intelligent to come up with a song so beautiful. we wish to hear more great sounds from her.

kelly rocks | Reviewer: sexyanto | 8/11/07

i love that song, it gives me goosebumps ertime i listen to it...kelly best album, best new artist, best song best erthing...girl i hope u get all the award u deserve cuz this album is faultless jest perfect..lov u kelz its ur time to shime so shime gurl

im having a flashback | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

the first time i heard this song i played it over and over again infact im plkaying it right now. girl kelly im feelin you with this...this song has no word to describe how real it is

perfect | Reviewer: kimmie | 8/5/07

i think kelly rowland is so beautiful......she can sing and everything i admire her so much and i think she is finally opening up and finding that missing par of her that she never knew she had because her music is great keep it up kelly and i hope one daii i can meet you or atlease talk 2 u n person or sumtin

well do your thang gurl and dnt let nobodys comment get 2 u if dey say sumtin mean cuz dey juz haterzzzzzzzz!!!!lol
love you

Feeling it... | Reviewer: Dee | 7/27/07

I feel like I'm living through this right now, I can so relate to this song, I love it!

best song ever!! | Reviewer: khaira | 7/27/07

waaoh i literaly love this song, kelly has made a good come back and her album is perfect!!
my favorite destiny's child!!
congratulations kelly! you rock^^

Amazing! | Reviewer: Deneen | 7/16/07

Kelly REALLY came through with this song! I definitely feel where she is coming from. I like the fact that it is so real. A song is not a song if it fails to tell a story or have true emotions. You did it, Kel! I listen to this one every night. Her whole album rocks and she is doin' it big! As far as comparing her to the other member's of need. They all are good singers, and extraordinary women! One of my favorite groups! Go Girls!

not baddd; not baddd at all! | Reviewer: cmathews | 7/9/07

Kelly, your new CD is enjoyable. My favorite tracks are "ghetto," "flashback," and "comeback." Not badd; not badd at all. And this compliment is coming from a 50 year old school teacher!