so sad | Reviewer: gareth | 6/28/07

this song is so so so great. i downloaded the album and so far im LOVING it. im sure gonna get this album cuz its fire from like this to gotsta go pt. 1. lovely album. flashback tends to b my fav song off the album. iave banged it all da time .great track. keep it up kelly. u were always my fav destinys child. ive always saw potential in u.

Found her way back | Reviewer: Tye | 6/17/07

I think Kelly found her muse in away, after the split of destiny's child she tried to fly solo but some what failed cause she wanted to sing bout the things dat matter to the world "educational" n found out that ppl dont want the education stuff they want the drama, pain, lost of love so she search n found her own stories n now is ready to share it to the world Beyonce maybe on top now but Kelly will make her way up there she's simply perfect...... ppl need to give her a chance to share talents without hold whole destiny's child member over her head.... Kelly do your thing :-P

Flashback of the Truth | Reviewer: Anthony M | 5/16/07

I love and truly feel Kelly. She is gorgeous and has a amazing voice. I feel that the thing that makes her different and the best in the Destiny;s Child group is her originally and that fact that she is a real artist and not just tryna perform or put a product thats gonna sell because it's something that everyone is doing. No offense to Beyonce which is doing her thing and is good, but Kelly is putting a product of true realness and not just whats all hot. So kelly keep singing how you want to and please keep doing you to the fullest. Love Ya and everything you do and have to offer your fans. The best of the best is u....

Love Anthony Trotwood, OHIO

i love it | Reviewer: shell | 2/25/07

i love this song so much i fink it is so good and u can jus chill out 2 it!! it is so fab

wooow | Reviewer: caroline | 2/12/07


she is the bomb, really she is good
and the lyrics are so great, ILOVE HERR

2007 Year of KellyRowland! | Reviewer: Jonathan | 12/1/06


kelly Killed dis song HANDS DOWN!!!!!!LISTEN TO IT | Reviewer: Lamont | 6/18/06

Omg if i dont hear dis song i ell so empty. i wake up thinkin about it i cant wait till her album comes hout da song is so sick. do not sleep on kelly. i fyou got sum negative to saa bout da song u wack and you hatin dis songis a hit. i feel like dis is telli my sstoryi was think the sam think. iI LOVE THIS SONG!!!suport kelly yall.i love you kelly.

She's wonderful!! | Reviewer: Leah | 5/22/06

When i first heard flashback it didn't immediately catch my attention,but as I listened to the words,I couldn't stop listening to it.I put it in repeat every night even though it feels as if its missing something its still a good song.

Flashback is simply refreshing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/06

I love this song. I dont think its necessary a song that should be released as a first single but could be a follow up single like the 3rd or 4th single. I love the sample of "Art of Sound" in the background. The song makes her seem so vulnerable. I heard her first single Gots to Go and it is AMazing. I hope they have a really exellent video for it and they promote it well. Kelly is simply amazing. Whats happening to Michelle Williams..... I MISS HER ALREADY.

Its Diff. | Reviewer: D.W.R | 4/4/06

Its diff. a new r&b sound i like it. I like the beat most of all. But she could have done more for the song it sounds like she's not really into it(Like Somebody Wrote for Her) She didnt sell the song enough.7 out of 10