Kelly the Songbird | Reviewer: Anee | 1/26/2008

I absolutely adore Ms. Kelly. This song is so sweet, so refreshing. I love how the verses move from her just liking him in the beginning, to them later dating, being together for a while, and being in love. I just love this song.

<3 it | Reviewer: sweet_sharms | 9/3/2007

this is soo beautiful i love it!!!its sucha gorgeous song and it reminds me of this guy i know we have something special going loving the song to the max

love it! | Reviewer: Syreeta McQueen | 8/14/2007

I think this show's kelly doesn't have to shout when she sings every word she sings you feel and the music and production compliments her angelic voice..the lyrics are spot on too. I love it...keep doing what your doing Kelly...its the best slow jam love ballard on the album which she sings solo.