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------ performed by Kelly Clarkson

maddie and weston | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/11

u know i'm in the 4th grade and i got a boy friend and his name is weston he is a country person like me.we got alot of things in common well the 1st time we went out it was like we had 2 pretend like we hated eachother because his mom doesn't like me because i'm a italian so his brother would tell on us if we told him we were going out or dating it says we are meant 2 be's and we'll be together forever even were apart we will god made it like that 4 us

I hope you dont go <3 | Reviewer: Caleb Neale | 5/26/10

I like the A Day To remember cover its hell good :) and this song is like exactly how i feel about my best friend, apart form the gone bit, i hope that doesn't happen, im over heart break so sick of it. I love you, you know exactly who you are babe <3

LOL. exactly what ive been thinking | Reviewer: verooo | 5/12/10

yea me and my ex too. i wasted a lot of time w/ him always with him and he was just an ass that never treated me like he loved me, and never really said it too... I always felt like i was under a test all the time and that i had to please him. even when we broke up, i always seemed to "need" him in my life even though i know i shouldn't have. Well now he has a new girl and I though I would be depressed about it, BUT since now i'm not always trying to tend to his needs, I've been having a great time. Seeing my old friends a lot now, focusing on me, and meeting new people ;) its been amazing.

Men grr | Reviewer: dixie | 7/21/08

this song is so about me and my ex. he didnt show me he loved me. though all i could think about was us always being together because he used to say tht. bt then he changed. grr at men. im so over him, girls we deserve better than these wankers

Yo | Reviewer: Anominous | 1/19/08

Theres a jerk that cheated on me and this song explains how I felt after I dumped him good lol. I pored my smoothie on his head. Well love the song.

powerful | Reviewer: sarah | 1/17/08

THis song actually helped me get over my best friend of five years and my fiance sleeping together. My best friend turned out to be a lying b*tch, who claimed he raped her! Kelly's emphatic vocals and touching lyrics made me love this song despite being vastly over-played on the radio..

how i like this sonf | Reviewer: rosny | 7/10/07

evrytime i hear this song i almost forgot my ex and seem to mone on.i really love kellys song

PERFECT!!! | Reviewer: FIORELLA | 6/6/07


this happened to me | Reviewer: cody :P | 5/23/07

this song is exactly word by word what happened to me this week

Wrong Lyrics | Reviewer: Noturningback | 4/21/07

The line "I suffered it all" is incorrect according to the lyrics that are printed on the CD cover. It should read "I'm so moving on".

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