Hey | Reviewer: Blondie | 11/8/07

Im doing a english/computer assignment on a song of significance and i picked your song miss independent. all my friends got bad marks cozz the teacher didnt like the singer but thanks to ur song i got top marks!!!!! yooh are soooooo awsum and inspirational and when i grow up i want to be just as pretty and perfect as yooh. Here in australia it is hard to hit the music scene so yooh are lucky yooh live in america
luv yooh so much
Yooh are frikin awsum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

idkk my bff jill? | Reviewer: woahitsleah | 9/28/07

like omfg wasnt it so unexpected that u would win american idol!! but anyways ur gogeous u have tons of fans and everyone loves u except for one gafer at my school lol but thann thatt ur great!

hey kelly | Reviewer: shell | 9/26/07

Hey I am doing a report about you for a school
project and this website really helped. I never knew you wanted to be a Marine Biologist. My school's show choir did "Breakaway" for our ballet last year and it was really fun.

heyy | Reviewer: shannelle | 9/23/07

Heyy kelly, its shannelle, i just wanted to say i love you singing it's fabulous, i was wondering how do i get sstarted in singing everyone says i haev a wonderful voice, but i don't know where to start, if you could help me that would be amazing, email me back
-- Shannelle.

I nnneeeedd to........ | Reviewer: Tania | 9/18/07

i really need to interview you, Kelly Clarkson!
im doing a prodject on what i want to be when i grow up. i chose a singer, now i need to interview a singer. Please email me back , i realllly, reallly need to interview UUUUU!!!!!!!!!

I need to........ | Reviewer: Tania | 9/18/07

I really need to interview you, Kelly Clarkson!
Im doing a prodject on what i want to be when i grow up. i chose a singer, now i need to interview a singer. Please email me back , i realllly, reallly need to interview UUUUU!!!!!!!!!

Hey i love all ur song | Reviewer: Rachael Freeman | 9/17/07

My name is Rachael i live in brampton i wront a song for u i am 13 and the title is I Don't wont your money I wont your love well i hope u come to brampton i got a cell phone u can call me 647 448 1456 well gtg ok bye.

♥KELLY♥ | Reviewer: Channy | 9/14/07

OMFG Kelly ur gawjuz =D i ♥ ur music mostly behind hazel eyes and never again cos it remind me of my bf♥

most beautiful voice | Reviewer: summer | 9/16/07

kelly clarkson has one of the most beautiful voices.alot of people thogh arnt listning 2 the words of the songs they are jst listening 2 the sond.if u r 1 of those people how r into bubly gummy sonding song u will not like her new album my december.its much deeper and stronger than her past albums.i love it.some people might think its 2 dippresing but if u would jst find out what the songs where about u wold find out y they sound so sad.

HI! | Reviewer: Cassey | 9/12/07

hey this was the 1st time 4 me 2 here any of your songs! they are not that bad!lol! Well 2day is my bday so g2g!

Hey Kelly i luvvvvvvvvvvvvv ya | Reviewer: Emily Massad | 9/6/07

Hey Kelly! Im doing a biography on you for drama class!!! i love you and all your songs i cant wait 2 meet you in the future....i love you...im meily im 12 i am from jordan but i live in cyprus! plz come to cyprus and make a concert plzzzzzzzzzzzzzthanks emily

I love kelly so much | Reviewer: Sims | 8/26/07

Hey its simon,i love u so much.my friends say im obssesed wit u cus i have ur albums.i am always talkin bout u,thinkin bout u.i jus love you.

KELLY'S MY IDOL!! | Reviewer: ' ''JaNinA.:'' | 8/22/07

I like her so much!! She has an amazing voice. I always watch out 4 ur latest songs and listen to them. LoTsAluV!!
YoR Big BiG FAn!!!!<<

i love u kelly! | Reviewer: nina | 8/17/07

kelly u r the best singer ever! i've been looking for someone who could sing the kind of music i like and that's u!i love never again, behind these hazel eyes and since u been gone.
(i'm 12 and i'm spanish)
i woul love 2 meet u

love nina!xxxxxx

Being her fan | Reviewer: Portia Scott | 8/2/07


I love Kelly Clarkson! She is the best singer I've ever heard! I am her fan! Actually, most of my friends call me Kelly Clarkson, because they say my voice is completely like hers! I love you, Kelly Clarkson!