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kelly clarkson | Reviewer: morgan | 9/18/09

hello people.i have liked kelly clarkson for a long long time i have liked her from she is so good.i have been to 3 of her was so cool i was in the thrid row so cool right i know it is so cool.

well peace and love people
im not joking i really have seen her in cornert 3 times


i like kelly so much peace and love people

hi | Reviewer: kelly's # 1 fan | 4/11/09

I know a lot about kelly. she is my idol. i love her new album -all i ever wanted- and so yeah. she is really funny, i went on youtube and i saw this video of her called -kelly clarkson funny best moments- you all should watch it. its hilarious. i watch american idol all the time because kelly won the first season. she also won 2 grammies.
I dont think im that good of a singer, but all my teachers say i am and so do my friends. i actually won a singing competition ant my middle school. what are the odds, guess im the odd one. im 12 years old and i memorized all kelly clarkson songs. all 4 of her albums. -thankful- -breakaway- -my december- -all i ever wanted- they are great. thats about 42 songs. she writes a lot of music and what i love about her is that all her albums are different from each other. she has great potential with her voice.
I love kelly clarkson. i am one of her biggest fans.
keep it real kelly clarkslon.
love caitlyn!!!

My inspiration<3 | Reviewer: Arianna Lexi | 4/5/09

hey kelly,
You are my inspiration. I love to sing! I am usually a very shy person but you made me open up to sing to the world. Right now, im going to be going to a sing compotition, and im amazingly nervous. Also, ive never sung infront of an audience, just my vocal teacher! I love you, your a wonderful singger, very talented! keep up the great work!!
-Arianna Lexi

i wish i where famous | Reviewer: patricia | 3/11/09

hey kelly, you are my idol, i follow after you,i love your songs.i'm also a good singer.i'll type in a new song for you to sing.(The Title)i need you now.i've seen you out my window thinking you could be mine,i'm sitting alone on the couch in my mind.(chorus)i'm falling behind, i need you now,evry time i walk by you i see you smile at me,i see you smile at meeeeeeee(end of chorus)i look at you, you look away, i look around, you at me,i see you evry time you walk away i need you now i think you know,(chorus x2)i need you now i need you now.(end of song) well how was that?

my inspiration | Reviewer: sharon munyua | 1/13/09

hey kelly my name is sharon since i was a kid iv bin listen to ur music. ur voice has inspired me to want to sing everywhere i am. it would be an honour to meet you as uv inspird my life lots of love sharon.

Hey! | Reviewer: Heather Crocker | 11/22/08

I like kelly clarkson becauase she is a very,very good singer. I love all her songs that she sings. I wish i could meet her in real life. I wish she would sing at my school in brainerd. Its called Center Lakes College. Its a nice school to go to. I like Kelly Clarkson she rocks my world.

I LOVE U Kelly/UR my Idol | Reviewer: Shannon | 11/14/08

Im also doing an essay on English, and we have to pick a famouse person and I couldent even think about picking anyone else but u!!!!!! Every day I listen to ur 3 CDs; Break Away, My December, and Thankful!!! I love all ur CDs!!!! And u are so right about how hard it is to be urself when everyone around u is tring to change u!! but no matter well i got to go I LOVE U SO MUCH. I go to Liberty Benton Middle School!!!!!!!! Bye :D

Good Stuff | Reviewer: favoritemusicianproject16 | 5/27/08

I have a huge project coming up in my music class, that bieng on my favorite musician. I so picked Kelly Clarkson! Anyway, this website better be good because I got all of my information from it. Plus, hello stupids! KELLY DID NOT MAKE THIS WEBSITE SO SHE WON'T READ THIS! YOU JUST RELEASED YOUR EMAIL TO SEXUAL PREDATORS LURKING ON THE INTERNET! I REPEAT, KELLY WILL NOT RESPOND YOU STUPIDS! But if she did, wow that was awesome. She only would if she was looking herself up, which would be insanely vain, and then she wold see this. But Kelly is not soooo..... FAT CHANCE O' THAT SUCKAS!!!!!!\
I love Kelly Clarkson and will somehow marry you!

Hey | Reviewer: Scott Milam | 3/28/08

For years now I've had people tell me that they knew you when you were young and I was wondering if you could tell me something about that!!!My Aunt Summer has told me that she used to know you when you two were young and my friend Tiffany told me once that she was related to you.So, if you can tell me please email me at
or call me at 828-260-8187 thank you bye

biography | Reviewer: Terra | 3/18/08

hey kelly i'm terra i am 14 and i go to alba middle and i was wondering if you could tell me some things about you because i'm doing a projet and i need more info so if you can call me my # is 1-251-623-4416 or 1-251-824-7044 call any time i love your music thanks so much kelly

kelly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/08

heyy im doing a english essay and its on you and how you
inspired me by winning the first american idol
that was the best first show of american idol
i never really watched it after you won beacause no one was as good as you on that show :)

Partylite | Reviewer: sidney | 2/4/08

hi kelly i was wondering if u can do me a favor i am doing a project on u and i want to see if u could see if u could e-mail some of your songs and i can print them out and i could show them for my project. that would be a great help. i would just like a couple songs and their lyrices so i could show my class how i got the lyrices. so please would u send me some songs and their lyrics by e-mail or u could call me at 704-782-7121 that would be great. So please call or send me a e-mail. i check my e-mail every day. i will talk to u soon.
please write me back at

break away | Reviewer: madi i'm 14 | 1/18/08

i think it is a great song about trust, i really feel that song in my heart, it is my absolute fave and kelly you rock. i can't believe how good you r dood i wish my BF liked you

please email me back | Reviewer: Molly | 1/8/08

Hey Kelly!! I love ur songs and was very happy to hear about you and Riba. I have loved your singing ever since I ever heard you on American Idol and you have inspired me to to really folow my dream of becoming a singer.. If you have any advice as to how to pursue my dream any further please email me if not please email me even if it's just to say hi. I am not an amatuer. i am in the St. Louis children's choir and i have been singing ever since I learnede to talk. like i aid before I really like you and your singing and I would be the HAPPIEST person on the ENTIRE PLANET if you would email me back!!

Molly, hopefully a future superstar

luv uuuuuuuuuu!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/07

kelly yo ma favourite rock artist in the entire world.yo music kills me,it makes feel like.......dawm...yo simply the luvs u.hope u luv it luv from KENNY.

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