Kelly You Are The BEST | Reviewer: Kara | 6/19/07

Kelly CLarkson, you are the best singer EVER!!!! When i grow up I want to be a singer. You are my role model. I LOVE ALL YOUR SONGS. My favorites are: Since U Been Gone, Because of You, Miss Idependent, NEVER AGAIN!!!!!,Break Away, WALK AWAY!!!!, and Behind These Hazel Eyes. Wow that is a lot of your songs. Anyway, Kelly I really Hope i can meet you one day. YOU ROCK MY SOCKS. :-)

kelly is the best singer | Reviewer: alissa matone | 6/14/07

i really think kelly is the best singer in the world she has encouraged me to be a singer kelly is my idol i look up to her. i hope to be a image of her i really love her voice its the best. well i'm 12 and love to sing kelly, you are the best i hope you kept being a singer.

hi | Reviewer: cassie | 6/11/07

you are the coolest i have all your Cd's you are
so mad that i'm doing a biogarphy on you at school.

kelly you are the best | Reviewer: crystal | 6/7/07

hey it is your biggest fan. i'am doing a biography on you.kiss kiss love ken

Halla Halla | Reviewer: Nina | 6/4/07

Hey Kelly, u r a good singer, I like ur song Never Again and Behind These Hazel Eyes

awsome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/07

u r so awsome i love u im 10 years old and ive been to a concert of yours in st.louis in 05
i havent forgotten one bit of it im a big fan i have
evry cd uve published ive been doing reserch about u all day i have to go youre probly board of me any way well buy

Outstansding | Reviewer: Manis | 5/19/07

I really didn't knew about this american idol stuff but it seemed quite interesting so i began to watch it from top 10 contestants. Though there were many good performance i really didn't noticed anyone except Kelly and her oustanding voice .From then i have been a fan of her and I hope someday my luck can make me meet her.

Love from Greece | Reviewer: George | 5/15/07

Sweet Kelly, you can cut our breath with every word you sing! Keep the good work! Love From Greece.

Down here | Reviewer: Adem | 5/12/07

i Love you kelly...and I m from Bosnia and Herzegovina...bayyy..cao

Kelly Clarkson | Reviewer: Rachel | 5/10/07

I love American Idol. I only started watching it this year but so far it's great. everyone should watch it. I first heard Kelly Clarkson sing on Idol gives back. She is so good.

big fan | Reviewer: jenna | 5/1/07

kelly is the sweetest!! i think that she is so grounded and down to earth she is the same kelly america fell in love with, that's our girl!! i can't wait for her tour i wanna be front row seat she gives amazing concerts and the fact that she loves her fans its so niiiiiiiiiiice to see an artist appreciate her fans how she doe, she doessn't 4-get who she is, i love kelly i wish her the best and i wanna see her album go quadruple platinum let's make it happen FANS!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna see her win those grammies!!!!

------ About the artist/band Kelly Clarkson | Reviewer: JR | 5/2/07

im a really big fan of kelly. i think she is amazing. She is beautiful in every way. i love you Kelly!