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I love u Kelly!!!! | Reviewer: #1 fan from PA! | 4/3/07

Kelly is the best winner on A.I. I dont see Reuben Studard or Fantasia anywhere, shes like the only one whos actually done something with herself. I was at her concert and she ROCKED!! Gotta luv ya Kelly!

fai am your best fan | Reviewer: jeanette kristin | 2/23/07

your best !!!!

from your bigest fan ever !!!

a hug from jeanette kristin:)

Kelly is the Best | Reviewer: Tenzin | 12/1/06

I am a huge Kelly Clarkson fan and really love her songs.She has an unbelievable voice and great talent.She will Go all the way and become the greatest.Keep It Up Kelly

BIC | Reviewer: Danni Cox | 8/8/06

i saw her at the BIC in bournemouth and it was amazing. she is a great singer and she is funny

kelly clarkson live | Reviewer: amanda | 3/12/06

i went to see Kelly on friday and manchester men and she was totally amazing !!! she rocked the arena and everyone was jumping around and having the time of their lives !! she has an amazing voice !! shes so sweet , cant wait to see her on her next uk tour !!!!!
KELLY ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blew me away | Reviewer: sara | 3/3/06

I took my 9 year old daughter lauren to see kelly clarkson live at the bic in bournemouth and she was absolutely fantastic, we new she was going to be great, but she really blew us away, she is an amazing singer and she deserves all the success that she has got. can't wait for the next album and chance to see her live again. Thankyou kelly for being so wonderful.

I lov Kelly | Reviewer: Alicia | 1/4/06

Kelly is the most awsome singer, im a singer myself and she is my idol. I went to her concert and it was sooooo amazing!!!! She has attitude and a beautiful voice, U GO GIRL!

A Quick Review | Reviewer: Lauren | 1/1/06

Kelly Clarkson has got to be the best performer out there! Her lyrics are strong and deep, and her voice can go so high its incredible! She was born to sing and I think that its so wonderful that her voice had not gone to waste. In other words, WE LOVE YOU KELLY!!!!!!

wow | Reviewer: t | 12/23/05

im a massive fan of kelly clarkson, although i only got into her music wen her 2nd album breakaway came out. n i luv her version of listen to my heart!!

Aussie Fan | Reviewer: Megz | 11/28/05

Kelly Clarkson has to be one of the best singers out there. She sings incredible songs and has a fantastic voice. I do music at school and am studying her songs. She is an idol in my eyes. Congrats to her for having the guts to try out for American Idol to get where she is today.
If ya read this Kelly, Yur da BOMB!!!!!

inspiration | Reviewer: A fan | 11/26/05

I'm glad I saw Kelly on american idol. It has inspired me to keep practicing singing to become a better singer. I have now brought up courage to enter the talent show and try out for solos for our choir class.

kelly clarkson is the greatest!!! :) | Reviewer: kelly fan #1 | 7/29/05

kelly clarkson is the greatest singer ever!!!! she sings about things that are real. all of her songs are about bad relationships.

Surprising Fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/05

While watching a movie trailor for Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I was moved by the background song. Looked up the lyrics, and here I am, a 43 year old mom (impressed by the fact that it's Kelly Clarkson) who is going to buy her album.

Kelly | Reviewer: Sam | 4/28/05

Kelly is a very talented person. She really inspires me. She is a great rollmodel!! She would be a great mom.

kelly clarkson is really good! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/05

kelly was the american idol in season 1. she is a pop singer, and has a really great voice. she has 2 cd's thankful, and breakaway, and both are really good.

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