always wanted to be a singer | Reviewer: samantha f | 12/5/14

I love Kelly Clarkson's songs. so many times her songs have inspired me to keep going, that life isn't all bad. Like Kelly Clarkson I love to write songs. when I'm older I won't to be like Kelly Clarkson.

I LUV U KELLY | Reviewer: Sowmya | 10/11/14

Kelly Clarkson is one of my role models because she is one of those people who have a life full of friends, family and happiness. She has a bubbly personality and she is beautiful. Kelly Clarkson is a person who tries to stay positive. i luv u kelly

always wanted to meet her she exactly like me | Reviewer: lindsay | 6/17/13

same ive always wanted to become a marine biologist and people say im an amazing singer and people are trying to make me be in our at out talent show but im totally terrified of singing in front of people but im willing sometimes love ya kelly :)

Kelly is ! | Reviewer: Kat | 5/30/13

I love Kelly Clarkson so much that I listen to her songs every time I work on homework. Well, it may not be very good for completing my homework (since I sing them, too), but it is totally worth it hearing Kelly! I will grow up and remember Kelly Clarkson when she first started out, but she will be #1 on the charts for a looooong time! I hope I can go to one of her concerts someday!!!

Just wanna say God Bless You Kelly, more and more.. | Reviewer: Oka Suebu | 5/27/13

I'm falling in love with you for the fisrt time when I'm hear your song with the title "Because of you".
Everyday, I'm sing this song. I like your voice..
Someday..I want to meet you (My dreams)..
I belive, nothing impossible in God.
Kelly, keep moving on. Just put your trust in God only.

God bless you..

I love you | Reviewer: Cailley | 4/21/13

Kelly you are so talented and I love everything about you that you are my idol for sure. Once I had a music assignment where we had to do a report on any singer or band and I picked you. My favourite song of yours is definately Stronger.

Kelly Clarkson My Idol | Reviewer: Mystery girl | 1/26/13

Kelly Clarkson is my idol. I love her, she is so inspiring. After reading this I feel like I have know her my whole life. You rock Kelly. I have to do a project for my vocal class and pick my favorite artist to write about and I pick you. I can't wait for your next concert. I know you struggled Kelly but in the end you did it you came out on top. I really love your music :)

Kelly Clarkson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/12

Kelly Clarkson is my biggest inspiration because she has not only shown that she is amazing but it shows what you can get out of hard work and how you can use the people that don't like you or your voice to a good thing. Kelly Clarkson is amazing. I am 12 years old and i memorized all her songs by heart. Kelly is amazing!!!!

how inspirational and amazing! <3 (: | Reviewer: Jordyn Jurado | 3/19/11

I love how she started at a young age. That is important. I think that what she did with not giving up in all of the situations that she went through, she still stuck with it and she eventually went on to greater and better things for her and her career! It really teaches you a lesson about never giving up and head for wat your heart desires!!:) She is a WONDERFUL singer and inspirational and I just love her! <3

U inspire me | Reviewer: Emily | 12/27/10

i have changed my mind so may times about what i want to be and my friends tell me im good at singing and i believe them i have herd your songs and i grew up kinda like you i only had a mom and a brother my dad left for jail when i was about three but u inspire me to be a singer and i am thankfull that you are here to show peoeple to chase there dreams,(:

hi!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/10

hi kelly! I am ten years old and im obsesed with you .You inspired me to love r songs rock.when i hear your songs sometimes i cry.thats how much i adore you!!!!!!!!!!!!if you wright back to the people who post these please wright bach to me.It would mean the world to me

the report | Reviewer: tracy | 4/6/10

i am so amazed about kelly. she is my idal.when she sings its undiscribable!i am also doing a report on her and im writeing a big one so its going to be