I need to........ | Reviewer: Tania | 9/18/07

I really need to interview you, Kelly Clarkson!
Im doing a prodject on what i want to be when i grow up. i chose a singer, now i need to interview a singer. Please email me back , i realllly, reallly need to interview UUUUU!!!!!!!!!

Hey i love all ur song | Reviewer: Rachael Freeman | 9/17/07

My name is Rachael i live in brampton i wront a song for u i am 13 and the title is I Don't wont your money I wont your love well i hope u come to brampton i got a cell phone u can call me 647 448 1456 well gtg ok bye.

♥KELLY♥ | Reviewer: Channy | 9/14/07

OMFG Kelly ur gawjuz =D i ♥ ur music mostly behind hazel eyes and never again cos it remind me of my bf♥

most beautiful voice | Reviewer: summer | 9/16/07

kelly clarkson has one of the most beautiful voices.alot of people thogh arnt listning 2 the words of the songs they are jst listening 2 the sond.if u r 1 of those people how r into bubly gummy sonding song u will not like her new album my december.its much deeper and stronger than her past albums.i love it.some people might think its 2 dippresing but if u would jst find out what the songs where about u wold find out y they sound so sad.

HI! | Reviewer: Cassey | 9/12/07

hey this was the 1st time 4 me 2 here any of your songs! they are not that bad!lol! Well 2day is my bday so g2g!

Hey Kelly i luvvvvvvvvvvvvv ya | Reviewer: Emily Massad | 9/6/07

Hey Kelly! Im doing a biography on you for drama class!!! i love you and all your songs i cant wait 2 meet you in the future....i love you...im meily im 12 i am from jordan but i live in cyprus! plz come to cyprus and make a concert plzzzzzzzzzzzzzthanks emily

I love kelly so much | Reviewer: Sims | 8/26/07

Hey its simon,i love u so much.my friends say im obssesed wit u cus i have ur albums.i am always talkin bout u,thinkin bout u.i jus love you.

KELLY'S MY IDOL!! | Reviewer: ' ''JaNinA.:'' | 8/22/07

I like her so much!! She has an amazing voice. I always watch out 4 ur latest songs and listen to them. LoTsAluV!!
YoR Big BiG FAn!!!!<<

i love u kelly! | Reviewer: nina | 8/17/07

kelly u r the best singer ever! i've been looking for someone who could sing the kind of music i like and that's u!i love never again, behind these hazel eyes and since u been gone.
(i'm 12 and i'm spanish)
i woul love 2 meet u

love nina!xxxxxx

Being her fan | Reviewer: Portia Scott | 8/2/07


I love Kelly Clarkson! She is the best singer I've ever heard! I am her fan! Actually, most of my friends call me Kelly Clarkson, because they say my voice is completely like hers! I love you, Kelly Clarkson!

hi this is your cousin | Reviewer: jordan | 7/1/07

hi kelly this is your cousin i was just wondering how you've been.i can't wait until you get to come to my birthday and sing .oh and i will see you in California.
ps my phone number is 8331874

kelly is really good review | Reviewer: avalon | 6/20/07

i w=nver wach american idol its kinda boring but thats ok i still love u kelly wellll u rock always im ur biggest fan ever ur the best peerson that i ever had in my tire life that why i love u soo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!