aww | Reviewer: D. | 8/17/09

i can totally relate to this song. and i dont see where Moomba got the lesbian out of this. its about a friend who she wants but this guy doesnt want her, and cant get the hints she is giving him. and it shard for her to be around him when he flirts wit her.

A lesbian lament?! | Reviewer: Moomba | 5/2/07

OMG. I never really got where the lesbian rumours were coming from before! This is so the song of a girl silently in love with a female friend. In fact, it totally describes the experience, which does suck rocks. Kelly Clarkson is at the very least pandering to her legions of lesbian fans here.

nothinhg betta than this song | Reviewer: luke | 3/19/07

kelly has made such a good song here !!! its sooo full of power! i love if from start 2 finish!! i think every 1 can realate 2 this song of bein in love! <3

Kelly review | Reviewer: Hannah | 5/11/05

This song is great! The lyrics dig deep into the soul of a hurt lover. She sings the song with so much emotion! She shows her audience she is as good of a songwriter as well as a singer!

" Don't " review | Reviewer: Hannah | 8/9/04

This is a great song. This song is show's that Kelly is progressing. She will do really well for a very long time.