hello! | Reviewer: laura | 4/10/2008

first of all...this song belongs to Reba and Linda Davis
second of all you spelled her last name wrong!!!!!
i am a huge fan of reba and its insulting when you misspell her name!
its REBA McENTIRE!!!!!!!!!!
its a really beautiful song tho...have you seen the video clip?
its really good!
no one like reba!!!

This is my favourite song | Reviewer: Jess | 12/5/2007

I am inlove with Kelly and Reba, I do however like the song done by Kelly and Martina too. This song is really important to me and I love it to death!

Reba | Reviewer: Debbie | 7/16/2007

You got the lyrics perfect but it's spelling Reba McEntire. Just thought you shoudl know. You might want to at least google her name to find out how to spell it first like i do. But the lyrics perfect.

Hot! | Reviewer: Nicole | 7/2/2007

I love thsi song with Linda Davis and Reba... But Kelly and her take it to the next level!! I so wish they would put a CD out of the Crossroads Special!