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Performed by Kelly Clarkson

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This song rocks | Reviewer: Sophie | 8/30/05

this is the greatest song ive heard. its amazing. if i was anyone i would buy this album.

Sophie aged 13

This song is amazing!! | Reviewer: Faith | 8/20/05

This song is so inspirational, because Ive always wanted to try and get the better of life but never really had any courage and this song has made me feel the kind of courage which could make me achieve my goal. I love it. Kelly Clarksons great voice and Avril's amazing songwriting make this song a song of history

Awesome Song | Reviewer: Arielle | 7/10/05

I LOVE this song and Kelly did and AMAZING job with it. It really hit home because my hometown is tiny and I want mothing more than to leave it behind for the world I know is waiting for me elsewhere. I know it will be hard, but I am ready. THANK YOU Avril Lavigne(for writing it) and Kelly for an AWESOME song! It is soooo inspiring and I'm sure it has touched thousands of others like me. You both rock!!!

Kelly ROCKS!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/05

The songs awesome,so's the video.What's more!the songs got a deep meaning to it.It has really INSPIRED me.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Sami | 12/31/04

I love this song. it shows you anythings possible. i think if you have a dream then this is a really good song to show you its possible

kell rocs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/04

this song is really important it talks about your life and how you were able to achieve your goals it shows me about how lucky i am to have a caring family i luv your voice and u roc

inspirational | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/04

this song is very inspirational and since i have heard it i changed the way i do things. i know that what i do now will effect the future and now i live life to the max. great lyrics and music, loved the video clip

Kelly's AWESOME New Song!! | Reviewer: Chelsea | 9/23/04

wow, kelly does an awesome job on her new song!! I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH i think i could listen to her voice all day long! This song is getting lots of radio airplay and is climbing Billboard hot 100 and lots of other top 40 charts! I hope it goes #1! Everyone should go buy kelly's new cd on Nov. 30th!


I really like this song! | Reviewer: Kelly | 9/21/04

I like this song a lot. I was a little worried that Kelly Clarkson was going to slip, but she is bringing herself right back up on top with this song. I cannot find anywhere to listen to it on the if anyone know where PLEASE TELL ME! Overall great song. If you like songs that are inspirational, and awesome, listen to this!

inspirational | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/04

I love this song. It's inspirational for where I am right now, trying to change careers and trust that it will all work out. I love the way Kelly sings this song and if it is true that Avril wrote it, I have a new respect for her!

Rock on Kelly!!!! | Reviewer: Dannii | 9/1/04

mad song!! da best of hers!! very inspirational!! itll change the world for sure!

Shes Baaaaaack! | Reviewer: popfiend22 | 8/24/04

Thank god finally something new from the original American Idol! I think this song is amazing - great lyrics and awesome tune. Lets hope theres a full Kelly CD coming out soon along with it!!! :)

Avril and Kelly rock! | Reviewer: W.E. | 8/24/04

WOW!! Avril Lavinge gave kelly these lyrics? i had no idea! they're soooo good!!!!

Avril is an AWSOME songwriter (And singer) and Kelly did a WONDERFULLY job singing this song. they both rock dude!

WAIT WHAT!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/04

WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW AVRIL GAVE KELLY THESE LYRICS!!!!!!!!!! i hope shes getting money for this haha. anyway this is a really good song i like it its pretty meaningfull i think avril should do this song to as like a remix thingy or what ever yah so i'll post in other songs to haha wheeee

What a great song! | Reviewer: Nikki | 8/15/04

Go Kelly for such a great song!Same thing with Avril the lyrics rock.Its one of those songs that mean something.The lyrics and Kelly voice are great!

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