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Performed by Kelly Clarkson

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KELLY CLARKSON TOTALLY ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Judy | 5/31/07

Kelly is like sooooo cool and she like so totally rock at singing!!!!! i wished every one was like a totally freak about her and like yeh!! she rocks! oh, yeh! by the way, Breakaway like rocks tooo!

Help | Reviewer: IMPERFECTION | 5/18/07

what dis this song meant?? the message after this song?? cAN you help me out here!!!

kelly rocks!! | Reviewer: Josie Parker | 5/10/07

kelly i think your such an inspiring person!! you show people they don`t need to wear tiny shirts and sing nasty songs to look or be cool. they just need to be themselves and have fun! Kelly u rock!!

THE BEST VIOCE EVER!!!!!!! | Reviewer: maddison | 4/26/07

Great job kelly! thats the best song I've ever heard. kelly has the most amazing voice ever, YOUR COMPLETELY AWESOME KELLY!!! Every one should have all her cd's, even the guy's.Hope you come out with another one soon! Love Maddy from loveland colorado!


Love this song | Reviewer: Emina | 4/24/07

I love this song It reminds me of my friend who never wanted to be my boyfriend, he was to shy like me and he never asked me to be his fried he had never spoken to me, never said hello ! :-(((( I was like a goust nice video

okay....... | Reviewer: nelly | 4/17/07

this song it awesome...its like sad and it shows character. anyways kelly clarkson is a ok singer

Wow | Reviewer: Robin | 4/13/07

I never actually thought kelly clarkson would amount to anything but wow. these lyrics actually mean something.

Love this song! | Reviewer: Robin | 3/31/07

I love this song! I think the lyrics are great and they actually mean something unlike those songs that just say "cheeseburgers taste good on friday" and all that crap. but this song is awesome!

You Rock!!! | Reviewer: shelby kolu | 3/13/07

Kelly i think you sound good at singing im singing Breakaway in a talent show because me and my friends you are the best.

about the girl singing it | Reviewer: lucy | 2/24/07

i think u are relly good and better then kelly coz she has a low voice and i lisen to u all day and u are in tune all the way thurogh and kelly isent but i hope u go on x factor and win

ROCKIN AMERICA | Reviewer: CHANTEL | 2/21/07


U GO GURL! | Reviewer: jassie | 2/22/07

for 1 i luv all ur songs my favorites are behide these hazle eyes, since you've been gone,and now breakaway! i hope it goes straight to #1 and stays there

fan bloomin tastic | Reviewer: anonymus | 12/26/06

i think kellys song is such an inspiration 2 young people like myself it inspires me to go ahead and achieve my dream ! thanx kell

kelly clarkson breakaway | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/7/06

this song is really nice. its just a simple kinda song that u can sing along to. the words are really good aswell. really cool song. its just the kinda song that u can just sing to with your girlfriends and its just a fab song. :-)

Rock! | Reviewer: An | 3/7/06

This is a great song! Excellent work Kelly!
And of course, thanks for Avril Lavigne for write this song (yes, she wrote). Avril rock's.

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