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Performed by Kelly Clarkson

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Mental Technology Abuse | Reviewer: Wowo | 2/10/13

'And I know, these voices in my head are mine alone'. This is one of the most popular songs that explicitly describes what might be mental technology abuse. Google synthetic telepathy.

addicted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/11

I just heard this song for the first time in years. and for the first time ever i can actually say i know what this feels like. me and this boy whos two years older than me did some stuff and in that moment i decided that i loved him more than anything in the world, and i would stick to him through anything. so when he broke up with me i was so torn, and sad. i still cry myself to sleep every single night. and i dont talk to anyone, cuz if i do, the only thing that comes out are tears and sobs. and i truly understand an addiction to a boy. and i hate it.. but i love it..
Thanks kelly, its nice to know im not the only one here..

OMG | Reviewer: Damla | 11/9/09

I listen this song almost everyday.. That's.. just amazing. İt reminds me all of my old loves. All of the hurts, lies and boys.. I love it, soo much. Thanky you Kelly.

(So, sorry for my English, 'cause I'm Turkish)

To 'idk' | Reviewer: Xyz | 7/9/09

Stop thinking about this guy. I may be hurt. I had wonderfull relationship with my boy. I was in love , he too. And he hurt me. I cried so many nights. He`ll never change. Love is pain. Better be a single with stoned heart! But..I wish You luck...

match point | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/08

this song reminds me of jonathan rhys meyers in match point.there's a video in you tube with many scenes of the film and that song is heard.i think it suits perfectly because it is a very passionate film

idk | Reviewer: alllie | 10/26/08

i cant stop listening to this song. i just did stuff with this guy like 4 years older than me who i liike and i cant not stop thinking about him. i see him at work almost everyday and i feel so in love with him. i just want to be inside him again:( i need him right now. i am at school right now drunk. i cant take this.

this songs amazing

My life | Reviewer: andrew | 10/7/08

This song means so much to me cuz the first time i herd it was in detox for an creative expressions group. As soon as i heard it i was moved cuz it describes my adiction and my past relationship. I allwaws had an addiction but my past relationship got so bad and i was ADDICTED to her that my drinkind and drugging got so bad it was like i could not get away from it."It's like you're a ghost that's haunting me
Leave me alone". Also the part that says "It's like you're a leech
Sucking the life from me" totally discribes my ex girl....I love this song and recomend any addict or preson going throu a bad relation ship....
Thankyou so much


m sad again | Reviewer: Nat | 5/26/08

dis song is so much 2 me... every time i think abt it, i think abt u... can't u even see how much i love u? heck, even buring in hell is better dan living dis life.... i loved u, and i still do.... m 2 addicted to you....even wen u went away, i made it a point 2 never 4get abt u... i still care abt u more dan my life....wat does she have that i don't? why can't you even glance at me without wincing? i regret da day i fought wid u... i've apologized, haven't i? isn't it enuf?

MY LIFE | Reviewer: JAMIE LYNN | 3/28/08

this song says so much. i had a friend and occassionally we took it a bit further. but declared only to be freinds, this was like a bonus to our friendship. i dont want a real relationship i like it the way it is he agrees but i cant stop thinking about him.!!! im addicted but not in love!!!

03.03.2008 | Reviewer: dilara | 3/2/08

please come and fine me,my love.can you hear me,I am shouting in the wind.can you see me my love i wait for you.I hope that i'm still with you as you are with me and my spirit,you always will be.can you feel me i'm hurting so bad,wasting away please open your heart try to love me a bit.dont forget it "to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. either with you or without you! I am a prisoner of your love MON AMOUR

I'm Addicted To You... | Reviewer: animprovedversionofwhatyouknew | 1/16/08

This song is one of the many that i can relate to as i listen to the words...

I first realised the impact of the words when i had my heart broken for the first time by my first love... It's like you just cant see a way forward without them in your life and by your side..
It just relates to everyone...
"Im hooked on you i need a fix i cant take take it"
Its what we all feel and how we all think...

Thank God for this song is all i can say... It reallt reflects the way we all think.

the truth hurts. | Reviewer: Kellee | 12/26/07

this song touches me in so many ways. No matter how many times i deny it to him and myself, i do truly love him. As we layed in your bed, i wanted to tell you all this and more. This is one of the few songs that has brought me to tears, as it wrenched my emotions out of me. And As much as i try to get over him, i cant, and everyday that goes by never makes it easier. So baby this is too you, i love you and wish you all the best, and if our paths cross in the future that would be a beautiful thing.

So thank you kelly for writing this song, for everything i and many other women couldnt say.

What this song means to me | Reviewer: Emma | 11/23/07

"Break my heart or SAVE ME..."

My first love, and the boy i am still madly in love with.. this song is dedicated to him. When hes not here it feels i cant breathe, like hes a part of me.

"Its never really over" i agree, it will never be over, this has been proved no matter what he does i cant love him less.

so yeah..
save me <3

To Tony | Reviewer: k | 11/18/07

Although we've been apart for five years now, you tell me that you want to marry me today. I've tried to tell you (as we cry together because I can't go backwards) that I was so inside of you when we were together that we were one person. And when you went away I was torn out of your soul. I loved you so much and I've NEVER loved that way since. But........Kelly has finally said what I was trying to tell you one night when we were laying in your bed together crying because we knew I could never come back to you.
It's like I can't breathe
Without you inside of me
That's how I felt when we ended our engagement of three years. I thought I was dying because I COULD NOT breathe because I wasn't inside of you anymore. It's great to know that Kelly and others have felt the exact same way. WOW! I still and will always love you sweet baby, and I will Love you til I die.............k

amazing | Reviewer: suzi | 10/3/07

yea,this song tells about everything that i feel now,im crying,even i deny i relised that i still love him,it'S more that a love it's being addiceted,i hate myself...

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