cool song | Reviewer: snowmaple | 10/9/05

I love this song at the first time I heard from the radio. I'd say it's a cool song coz it comes from a handsome voice. I wont feel depressed by this sunny voice. Although it's a sad song, it wont let me feel lost. When people in deep sorrow, they better hear this kind of songs rather than those true sad bitter songs.

Fabulous | Reviewer: Alrick Elliott | 9/11/05

"You'll Think Of Me" is an accurate discription of an emotional experience that was wonderfully recorded by Keith Urban. Although, it was a negative experience, the song must have filled the void of a love lost. I am very happy when my US Virgin Islands FM station 99.5 plays this song.

Outstanding | Reviewer: Johnny Voss | 8/2/05

This is my first time writing a review. Five minutes ago I arrived in my university "Mississippi State" and was listening to the song in my pickup truck "You'll Think of Me" by Keith Urban. First of all I think that Mr. Keith Urban has a magnificent singing voice, Bless Him. And Bless the songwriter that wrote the Beautiful lyrics to the song "You'll Think of Me". I was truly mesmerized by hearing this Fantastic song on FM radio station Sunny 93.3
Bless all the Wonderful artists like Keith Urban that bring Much Joy to countless millions of listeners.