It just fits | Reviewer: JJC | 2/11/07

I heard this song just a couple of days ago and now i can't stop playing it, it just wont leave my head, the vocals are excellent, but the lyrics, they just fit with my life right now.

Amazing | Reviewer: Claire | 2/9/07

Only heard this song tonight on magic, downloaded it straight away cos it reminds me of my ex boyfriend who found his way into someone elses arms (while he was still with me over christmas), amazing song :-(

WOW! IT´S SIMPLY... DELIGHTFUL | Reviewer: Emily | 8/26/06

Since the first time i heard this song i was enchanted with the rythm, music, and the voice of Keith..I love it. EXCELLENT WORK!

Just like this song !! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/06

Wondwerful song! Keith's vocal matches the song very well. Well done, Keith.

I'm Done | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/06

This song touches a place in my heart that I can't explain. It says exactly what I feel. It's like the song was written for me to sing to my ex-husband of 14 years, after he found himself in someone elses arms. I know that he will think of me, because I'm the best thing that ever happened to him. This song is wonderful! I can listen to it and cry all day - but I will be alright.

wonderful song | Reviewer: chrissie | 4/5/06

I kept hearing this on Magic but they never said who it was or what the name was. Found out from your wonderful site when I typed in some of the lyrics. Amazing voice can listen to this all the time very lovely song.

youß ll think of me | Reviewer: Nassim | 3/7/06

This song is just brilliant ...I set my CD player at work this morning with this song on the repeat mode from 11 am to 3 pm , and was still singing along at the end ... Absolutely perfect ! My song of the year already ...

My favorite | Reviewer: Tara | 2/12/06

The first time I heard this song, I cried. The following day I listened to it like ten times. It is now my #1 song and I think it will be for some time. Amazing voice, and amazing lyrics.

This Magnificant Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/06

I think the song is wonderful. Keith Urban has an amazing singing voice. The first time I heard it, I was blown away. It is just an amazing song.

Goodbye | Reviewer: Justin | 11/9/05

When i first heard this song i loved it. I just lost someone i thought i loved but then i realized if she was the one i was meant to be with she wouldnt have left. This song helped me let go of a two year relationship, and my life has been better ever since. :-D