A Perfect Good-bye Song | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/28/07

I was asked to listen to this by an ex-boyfriend, and he said that one day I would think of him just like the lyrics of this song. He was right I do think of him, but I know it was best that we parted and we both moved on with our lives. The lyrics are amazing, and I can see exactly why he felt that this song reminded him of me.

sad,but wonderful | Reviewer: Hallie | 5/25/07

The first time my sister played this in her car i just fell in love with it! I love Keith Urbans voice. I love the toon of it too! It alawys reminds me of the same ting happining to my friend and I. I love this song!!!!!!!!!

beautiful song~~~ | Reviewer: samantha | 5/14/07

you ll think of me this song is very nice. i like tis song very much!my dad recommended tis song to me.thanks daddy~~~

amazing song and perform | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/07

l was not interested in the country music until i hear this song .and i think it is one of the very best hits of that year .it exacctly describes my feelings.

Love It!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/07

I think it's just Keith Urban's voice that gets me, because matched with his saddening lyrics, it makes me cry every time I listen to quite a few of his songs...and I gotta say that I absolutely love the lyrics..'take your cat and leave my sweater'..only Keith could sing that and not sound completely insane...lol

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

this song hits so close to home for me im listening to it right now it just a great song makes me feel a whole lot better just listening to it i wake up to this song and i go to bed with this song i would play it 24/7 if i could GREAT LYRICS AND A GREAT VOICE

My love for this song backfired | Reviewer: Amanda | 4/29/07

I listen to this song and I used to sing on kareoke night at the bar durning my split up with my now deceased husband. He killed himself a year ago. I wish I could take back the words because now he haunts me...his heart and soul haunts me and I wish he was still here...

Fantastic | Reviewer: J.T. | 4/19/07

I broke up with my girlfriend of 1 1/2 years a couple of months ago. I loved her and was really thinkin' that she might have been the one but things change. It's been kinda tough at times, but I'm over it and this song was a big help. It's absolutely the way I felt about the whole situation. I guess it's true "someone else always says it best."

amazing song | Reviewer: YRMA | 4/15/07

after a friend gave me a CD of this keith urban,,,i kept listening to it and watch the video....i'ts an amazing song, amazing lyrics and amazing melody....i think i like keith urban already!

Great! | Reviewer: Natosha | 4/14/07

This is the most amazing song EVER me and my boyfriend listen to it all the time!..Normally he sings it to me!..Keith Urban is the most amazingly talented person I have seen in a while!..Keepem comming!.