i'm done | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/11

I've always loved this song even when I was really little my parents would play this song and I'd be right there singing along with it.....well I'm 14 going on 15 now and my ex and I split up a few months ago, a little while after he left me he told me he still liked me....I still liked him too, but I didn't say anything when he said that to me and at first I regreted it but now he's dating one of my friends and I've finally realized why I didn't take him back I was tired of him ignoring me and all the other crap he did and now him and I are friends (sorta) and I'm listening to this song play over in my head and I'm thinking about my new crush and how happy I am without my ex and so i'm done crying over my ex when I'm so much better without him... no matter how much he may miss me I'm over him and on with my life....

Mike | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/11

I just got divorced after 23 years and 6 near divorces. I basiclly gave her most everything & I went back today for some of our movies (guy movies) she would not give them up. It reminds me of our seperation in 07 when this song was a hit.

A great song | Reviewer: Sherif | 5/20/11

I broke up with my girlfriend. Before that I used to have another sense to this song. Today, it means a lot to me .At the beginning it seems like a proud and a bad person but when you listen to it carefully then you get what it means.Sometimes one needs to go through some situations to get the real meanings

He'll think of me.. | Reviewer: Pauline | 11/28/10

This song is AMAZING!! Ive been listening to it over and over again. It makes me feel stronger although its been 4 months that me and my now ex broke up.. Although he hurt me so much, lied, cheated, and ruined my reputation really badly that people thinks so low of me.. Sometimes i would just cry and still wanting to hug, kiss, and carress him. I love him dearly and longing for our wonderful memories together. But he broke up with me, saying really mean things and even threatened to call the police on me. He eventually found another girl and flirts with people that backstabs me. So.. "while his sleeping with his pride.. Wishing i could help him tight.. I'll be over him amd on with my life.."

memorys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/10

My x and I were together 10yrs. We have a cute little girl together who is 7 yrs old. He got addicted to drugs because of a room mate we had just before our girl was born. I then put our wedding off and put him in rehab. He was in and out of rehab for a long time. I stuck by his side and helped him thru the hard times. I worked paid all the bills and played mommmy and daddy for a long time. Finally he started working and became clean but picked up a drinking habit. He then started cheating and seeing a local bar girl behind my back. I found out and kicked him out. He's still with her now but heading down a bad path. And he calls me all the time to say he's sorry and misses me and his daughter and wants to come home. Don't think I will ever forgive him for what he has put our family thru. But listening to this song makes me smile. I know he thinks of me and regrets his mistakes. But it makes me stronger knowing Im not going back to him and makes me feel I made a great decision to have a better life for our girl. The song sings our story. Great song!

sigh | Reviewer: snd | 8/2/10

I had been dating my boyfriend for almost two years when he suddenly left with no warning. It was really difficult to watch him leave me, and then quickly find happiness with other girls. But this song relates so much to that situation; it gave me alot of insight and made me feel so much better!

Too little too late.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/10

My ex-girlfriend loved Keith. Bought a lot of his CDs and she's actually gotten me to listen to some of his songs at times. I'm a songwriter myself and although there's nothing really new to his style, he strikes me as someone sincere and genuine, and so his lyrics speak volumes to me.

Like Keith, she was a genuine. She weathered a lot for me; pressure from family, work, school, expectations never really caused her to cave. She was a strong person that loved me to bits, but I was so blinded by love and my own wild expectations that I never appreciated her for who she was. I did crazy things for her and when she didn't respond in turn, I thought she didn't love me. I though I wasn't good enough for her.

Only after did I realize that she was protecting herself from getting hurt again. This was my first serious relationship, so I didn't have a clue what she had gone through and what scars that remained. I said some things that opened up old wounds for her, things I never meant to hurt, but did.

I was a fool to not give her a chance. Funny thing is that she always asked me if I loved her, because deep down she knew I wasn't happy.

After tearing down the relationship, I've realized that I still love her and that's all that matters. I just hope she doesn't try and forget about me, like Keith suggests.

But second chances don't come too often in life...

i wish | Reviewer: henna. | 8/24/09

i found my dream girl three months ago.we never got to stay longer than four days together because she had to leave.she asked me to send her my favorite mix and i wish i send her this one.but i never did which am regretting it now.

xo. xo.


He is definitely thinking of me.....too late though | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/09

Wish my finance at the time could of listened to this song and thought about how much I meant to him. MAN did his pride get in the way of his feelings........guess he wouldn't like this song now as much as I do.

its a tough time to think | Reviewer: janyo | 5/19/09

me and my girlfriend where going to get married after 2 years. I really loved her, man i loved her. but it came out that she felt that i didnt and during a few weeks when we were apart she became convince that i didnt. i really screwed put more attention on other things when i should of been focusing on us and our wedding. till this day i regret being so childish and losing her. listening to this song keeps me hope that i will get on and one day she will realize how much i was in love with her. one day you'll think of me.