Still Crying | Reviewer: Julia | 6/30/07

I few months back the person I was in love with chose to walk away. I'll never understand why, but this song helps remind me I'm not the only one out there crying over a broken heart. About the "old yellow love letters" I do that all the time remembering the feelings I had then. This song taught me I don't always have to be put together or put on a false apperence when I'm crying inside. Sometimes crying heals.

ghc | Reviewer: allison | 6/26/07

(no exclAMAtion at the end it's a sad song)

corrections made in uppercase letters!

It's a ''everyone'' CAN RELATE SONG | Reviewer: clara | 6/22/07

It is my favorite song,of any c.d.,I play over and over. It makes me glad I am not in that place anymore.

Mandys review | Reviewer: Mandy | 6/18/07

Tonight I Wanna Cry, in my opinion was Keith Urbans BEST song sums up everything u feel after a bad break up and its all i could listen to after a particularlly bad break up and i love it w/a passion!!!! i cry or almost cry everytime i hear and when i just need 2 cry i put it helps a lot and i think that anyone who doesnt like it needs a soul!

tonight i wanna cry | Reviewer: areli guzman | 5/23/07

this song is so i can write some good songs. i love this song it is so good. you have good writing thank you for writing it.

tonight i wanna cry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/07

this song is so i can write some good songs. i love this song it is so good

Sad.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

I absulotly LOVE this song, i don't know why, but i just do, it hits me in the best heart. Its My Boyrfrineds and I, its our song...


Love It!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/07

This song makes me cry every time i hear is just so pretty and the music video is too..

...can relate to this song... dee | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/07

I used to hear this song in my "friend"s car, I think it's his favorite. But I never paid much attention to it. Until we stopped seeing each other, for no apparent reason at all.
Now, listening to it alone in my house makes me really sad...can relate to this song I guess.

If anyone | Reviewer: nicole | 4/17/07

I think this song relates to me somehow
But i'm in too much pain to even think about making connections
I want to crawl into a little hole and cry myself to sleep.
I dont worry about my pride
Crying is normal
Its natural.
And I thought that being strong meant never losing self control.
Whoever put those lyrics up here.. you fucked it up with all the little annotations and exclaimation marks.
Take that off.
The song is what's important, and i can't focus with all that there