I love it!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/06

This song is so great. It just getes you whenever you listen to it. I turn it up really loud whenever I hear it. It allows you to break down if you need to or think of past times.

crying my eyes out every night before i go to sleep | Reviewer: chelsea | 2/7/06

this song is so true!! when u have a broken heart and you just wanna cryy just listen to this song!!!! FUCK YOUR PRIDE....just cry cauuse its BETTER than keeping it all locked up inside!!!! :)

touching | Reviewer: E | 6/25/05

This song has some of the best lyrics I have heard, it just kind of gets you without the over thinking of the song. You just fully get the emotions in the song, which is more of a rarity than believed. This song is one of those ones that you can connect with!
It is sooooo good!!!!!!!

Keith Urban--TIWC | Reviewer: Kristi | 1/25/05

Wow! Keith shows off a different side of his voice in this song! It is wonderful! I always love to see his songs...He sings them well and adds his own style to him. THe song is aussome! I give it 10 stars!