Silent Killer | Reviewer: Ahsan Zaheer | 12/22/09

I always cry when I hear this song . . It has a very heart touch words in it . . I love its video . . sumtymz we need to cry to heal our soul . . I feel like im crying rytnow.
great work Keith Urban.

So depressing! | Reviewer: mell | 7/5/09

This song makes me so depressed who would ever want to listen to this and get even further depressed especially during the resession!? this is just pathetic!! this fool should not be making millions off of making us further depresssed what a joke!

loss | Reviewer: Monique | 10/10/08

My daughter-in-law Jennifer died on Aug 31-08. She was the BEST daughter-in-law, wife, mother. Keith Urban was Jen's favourite singer and her favourite song, Tonight I Wamma Cry. My son and I listened to it over a glass (es) of wine on the deck while she was in the hospital and after she passed away. We both cried and held hands as we remembered what an exceptionally special person we had the privilege to know and love. This song will be in my heart forever right next to her. Thank you Keith for writing such touching lyrics!

Great, great, great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/08

I think Keith Urban is one of the best male singers out there. The first time I heard this song was when he performed it live on one of the award shows and I thought it was the most brilliant and moving song I had ever heard.

I still love it to this day and would have to agree that it's one of his best songs ever. The lyrics are just so beautiful and you can hear the raw emotion in his voice when he sings this song.

Yes even guys cry to | Reviewer: Jake Colby | 4/16/08

My feeling from this song stem from a very special person in my life that I love dearly We've been through hell and back and still are very much a part if each other I put this song on when i want to be reminded that things happen in life and you should appreciate what you have cause tomorrow it could be all gone Honey if you ever come here and see or read this Just know I love and Im not afraid to cry over and for you
JC Ps I love Keith Urbans music he's real and shows it.

Wow... | Reviewer: Anna | 3/15/08

It's one of those songs where it puts into words all youve ever felt.When i need a good cry i play it and cry almost each time. Crying really does heal the soul.Sometimes i think we should put our pride aside for one second instead of always trying to be strong, it's ok to be weak at times.

i am not crying,I"m bleeding. | Reviewer: liz | 2/14/08

To say that this song is very good would be an understatement. It's soo good beyond compare. I don't know but there's something with the song that kind'a either soothes me or makes me feel bad. (It depends on the person's approcah to the song,however.) This song is one of the best and most sublime songs ever written. This song really struck a chord. *I heart.*

The Song is my therapy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/08

To say that I love this song is like saying nothing. The song revealed my feelings that I couldn't think about for long time. Can't say that I'm totally fine now. It still hurts, but it's getting better... At least I can cry now.

Tonight I am crying. | Reviewer: Ozky | 1/11/08

I think tomorrow my relationship or 4 years will end up after couple months of arguments and fights. I found this song while listening "you'll think of me". Yes crying heals and I do the same about the letters just in my case are e-mails. THIS IS ONE OF HIS GREATEST SONGS, IT HURTS TO LISTEN IT BUT I LOVE IT

sad song | Reviewer: Entuzja | 10/4/07

it's quite unhappy song. But i know, when I miss my boyfrend, when we argue, or I'm all unhappy... I just do like boy in this song. Greetings for all;)