Keith Urban ROX!! | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 11/5/2007

Keith u r so awsome i love u!! u r my fav country or "funktry" singer!! i love all of your music!!!!!!! u rok keith!!!

What an awesome concert in Calgary!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Deloralie Brown | 9/19/2007

We saw Keith in a sold out Calgary concert last night!!! That was the noisiest I have ever heard at the Saddle Dome!! They were also filming for a live DVD in Calgary last night so it was great. He is a very humble and honest human being. You can tell that he was doing what he loves, singing to people. I knew the concert would be good, but it was GREAT!!!! He had the whole crowd on their feet for most of the concert, the energy was amazing. This was truly money well spent!!!!!!!!!!

#1 Keith Urban Freak | Reviewer: #1 KEITH URBAN FAN | 8/7/2007

keith urban is so amazing and talented. I love Keith! He is a great person and preformer. I mean, he has an awesome talent for preforming, and he has a rockin personality. What more could someone ask for? Nicole Kidman is SOOO lucky. I'm actually writing a biography on Keith Urban as we speak! I LOVE THIS DUDE!!!!!!!! love ya Keith!

in love with keith urban | Reviewer: Keith Urban Obsessed | 5/24/2007

keith urban is the most amazing talented HOTTEST celbrity in this ENTIRE world.
his songs mean soo much to me and omgg. isnt he just HOT?!.. i cant wait till he comes back to auzzie!. i love him!. im obsessed with him!

the Ranch sounds live | Reviewer: denise l. | 10/17/2005

I've seen Keith 8 times! The Ranch album is still my favorite because it sounds like he is playing live just for me! It's awesome. I love Keith and this record!

Keith Live in Concert | Reviewer: Barb | 6/15/2005

I recently saw Keith in Dublin twice supporting Bryan Adams, he was amazing...As a strictly loyal Adams fan -- Keith came a very close second....assuming nobody was familiar with his music....there was a brilliant atmostphere, great feedback from the crowd and everyone was asking around who is this guy...? have since bought the new album and it is excellent..I will def be going to see him in October..

Okay, you made me cry. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/2005

So I'm at work and someone else's country radio station is playing. Suddenly I'm hearing words that cut straight to my heart, and I'm crying my eyes out. I'm just hopin' it won't be only women who listen to "Memories of Us." Men, you should be taking notes. :)

Awesome | Reviewer: Lauren | 2/2/2005

Keith Urban is the most awesome man in the world! I wood totally marry him! lol he is an amazing, and talented person! luv ya keith!