Out of the Darkness | Reviewer: Jeff from Luton | 10/28/2008

This is my favourite of Keith's songs. His music and lyrics were a great inspiration to me in my struggle to be free of alcoholism and addiction. In this song Keith provided a powerful reminder that faith without works is well and truly dead. Thank you God for the life and work of this remarkable and gifted man.

the impact of music | Reviewer: lee | 5/19/2007

What is even more profound is that the church that Keith was singing to/for, is probably even more asleep and anesthetized to the world than when he wrote this song. We must reconsider our methodologies of communicating truth, if such a winsome personality and compelling message, combined with an equally strategic opportunity of clearly communicating to such a vast audience has now become relatively unknown to a current generation of christians. I love you Keith, and seek to live out what you cried out in this song. May we never be as much entertained by you, as spurred on to faith and good deeds. SDG

Sing through this song with a friend... | Reviewer: Sleepless in Seattle | 7/22/2006

...and you will be blessed and think about God's call on your life and on the Church...this is an old classic from Keith...

Convicted yet? | Reviewer: Craig | 2/26/2005

Quite possibly one of the most convicting songs about the church. Sitting back watching the world go to hell. The melody in this song that Keith wrote almost seems to cry out in desparation saying "The world is sleeping in the dark that the church just can't fight...cos it's asleep in the light." Great irony, beautifully put together. This song was written some 20 years ago and still rings so true for the church today.

Are you alseep? This is your wake up call! | Reviewer: Michael | 10/26/2004

A convicting and sharp rebuke for those of us who are resting on our laurels instead of being true to God's will and using whatever our Spiritul Gift is to serve God.