GREAT SONG | Reviewer: FELIPE | 10/13/07

Well this song gives me goosebumps thats the way i can describe this song, is amazing, i dont know why but i can totally be evolved with this kick ass song, its really emotional.

(L) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/07

it reminds me of this boy i really really like
:( with whom things didn't go well .
actually i fucked it up twice and the problem
is i still have feelings for him .

barry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/07

my name is barry am gay any other guy want sex leave ur name and number ohhh and keane is great ginger 6 ft 5 in hard and am ready for a pounding

Keane | Reviewer: Claire | 6/2/07

This is an amazing song by Keane. I am a huge fan and this song is one of my favorites. His voice and the music are perfect. When I listen to this song I can imagine someone on a late-night train thinking about their ex. Wishing it would have been different. The song 'Try Again' by Keane doesn't have any special meaning to me but when I listen to it feels like it does. That's the magic of Keane.

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Lex | 5/23/07

I myself am a casual fan of Keane and happened to come across this song while watching a concert on TV they recorded in Chicago. Simply to say that this is an absolutley beautiful song does it no justice. There was a Neil Young song written for the movie Philadelphia that sounds very similar to this song. Maybe some inspiration from that song was drawn to create this one.

tragic and beautiful | Reviewer: Calire | 3/24/07

One of my favorite songs by Keane-- the music matches the lyrics, and both hit hard when I decided to listen to a random song by the band on iTunes and was touched. Not sure why, but the song seems, to me, to be particularly wonderful, the background flowing sweetly into the foreground and melding with the meaning of the words.
This song has no story in my life, though it lends itself easily to romantic heartbreak. As many of Keane's songs do, it stands on its own.