Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/09

It's a tough lesson, but in the end you learn that love takes two. Sometimes it takes a broken heart, and it applies to friendship as well. Basically, true love isn't one sided.

"No one is a friend to his friend who does not love in return."

THE best | Reviewer: Keane Wilkins | 6/13/08

Keane caught my eye because my first name is also Keane (girl) and at first I liked it but then I listened to Everybodys Changing and I literally fell in love with it. This is the Last Time is my second favorite. This band is exactly what I needed. Its exactly my style!
Go Tom Chaplin!

beautiful | Reviewer: a real french girl | 8/6/07

Even after a bottle of wine, this song still makes sense to me. In fact this song is probably the only thing that makes sense to me at the minute. I'll have it played at my funeral... beautiful. x x x

about this is the last time by keane | Reviewer: Alina woo | 7/14/07

this song is awesome !!! including somewhere only we know, bend and break and everybody's changing BASICALLY KEANE ROCKS!
oh year under the iron sea is their new album but 1st one's better!

awesome! | Reviewer: january | 6/16/07

this is a great song...keane has awesome lyrics and tunes.

Meaning | Reviewer: marcopauloferreira | 6/10/07

When you can't control your emotions, because you are in love. When you say to yourself: "No, he/she won't use me again" but it keeps happening on and on, over again because YOU love him/her!

wow - Peru | Reviewer: Brunex | 5/2/07

What a song i like all them songs its an amazing band! yeah just keep creatings news songs guys!
Keane Hopes and Fears, 2nd album Under the iron sea

Keane's "This is the Last Time" | Reviewer: Michael Self | 4/14/07

LOVE this song. I've never really listened to Keane until I heard this song on a friend's myspace. Love his voice and the overall sound. Has a bit of an 80's vibe to it. Definitely going to check Keane out.

What a song!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jorge Mayta | 4/15/06

This is the best I've ever heard, keane is one of the best bands that u would ever known ...

Beautiful song... | Reviewer: Hugo - Portugal | 7/26/05

Keane's best song.Wonderful!