remake | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/2007

this song is a remake of an original French song called La Mer by Charles Trenent from the 50s. It was then remade in English sometime after that and Robbie Williams did a cover of the english version.

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Hmmmmmmmmm | Reviewer: Randi | 7/7/2007

I really do love this song... but are these the lyrics to a Robbie Williams song???

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lyric | Reviewer: Misty Chaplin | 11/2/2006

This Song is an instrumental.....

don't have lyrics....

The Iron Sea - "I think The Iron Sea is the key track on the record - I guess because it doesn't have any lyrics, it's entirely about the atmosphere and the emotion that's expressed by the music. It's a very suffocating song, and it sounds very ominous. I find it really thrilling to listen to it, I really love it - it just sounds so oppressive and scary but in a slightly thrilling way(!), and that and that's basically what we tried to achieve with the whole record." - Tim - Podcast 4 (5th June 2006



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Creepy song | Reviewer: Jane | 7/15/2006

I don't like this song. It's hidden at the end of Put It Behind You. It doesn't fit and has a haunting melody that's morbid sounding. The song doesn't have the same upbeatness as all the other songs.

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