heei | Reviewer: den | 10/9/09

I think this is a beautiful sooong
Somewhere only we know, it reminds me my ex boyfriend, I used to meet him on a please, the perfect one, so this song is special for me ,, and i think that for otherĀ“s people too..

LOS amo

touching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/09

i met the love of my life a year ago in hawaii, we literally hit it off. the only downer is he being from TN i being from Australia. We spent the entire trip with me and mates. We departed , i listened to this song as he left me. i missed him heaps for a year and aboout a month ago we met up again in hawaii while i was on holiday!

Piano | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/09

Strangely enough, this song reminds me of my piano, the only thing that has completely been there for me every single time i've needed support. He's been there when i've been angry and needed something to drain the anger away, been there in sadness when i've found comfort in his perfection and he's also shared my happiness. Aptly why i call him Angel. But yeah, he transports me to places and daydreams only he and i will ever share :)

soo great | Reviewer: neno | 5/17/09

frst time heard this song,i didnt get such a meaningful thing or what else
but second,this song's just swinging my heart peacefully :)
i like a boy who already have a girl,i also have told him that i like him.but as i knew b4,he just let go my confession
i believe someday,somewhere we'll meet again at the other part of time bcos now we just graduated from shs
xoxo for him !

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/09

It reminds me of me and my friend... we always have these bouts and we eventually just come back together at a special place in our lives (physical or mental)... I'm just so glad that we're still together.

love | Reviewer: love_freeze | 5/2/09

it was an underground affair between us previously, but we eventually got tgt when i broke up with the previous one. There's this place that we always sit and talk together and enjoy just the both of us together. but now, due to me, we broke up. i couldn't give him security and thus he left me. I knew i should have treated him better, he was nice to me. I really missed him alot. everytime i heard this song, i really thought of the place that only we know. Whenever i pass by that somewhere only we know, i will think of him, the place we used to love. I really miss him.

Somewhere... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/09

This song actually makes me cry, it brings me back to the days in which the man i have loved the most lived and breath, every weekend we use to scape from rutine and get away from city, finding beutiful places we only knew and shared...

Nostalgia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/09

This song reminds me of my brother. It makes me think of all the imaginary lands we created as children together and how there was a place that we only know. He was very nostalgic about his childhood and clung to the memories which gave him great pain over growing old. Sadly he took his own life at 29 because he saw the world in a way that lacked all reason. He looked like a movie star and spoke 8 languages fluently and was surrounded by nothing but love. He only saw himself as a failure when he was an extraordinary person. But this song was so deeply meaningful to us. Oh simple thing where have you gone- this could be the end of everything

reminds me of.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/09

this song reminds me of a (girl)friend of mine... actually we never were together, and shomehow we was... but we're still keeping in touch and she' very busy... and sometimes i think she forgot me and all we went through... but somehow i still believe she did not forget all...even if we're now over 10'000km far apart from each other... this is a song she passed me.

love? | Reviewer: matt glover | 3/9/09

this song remindes me of my ex-girlfriend. she was really beautiful, im single now but thats besides the point i loved her, and he stopped loving me, i dont know why this song reminds me of her but it does, we went a lot of places together. i still remember ou first kiss. if i had a chouce this song shouldhave been playing in the bacground.. it would have made it perfect. her and i were like peas and carrots. now were not even friends.. and i wouldnt ave it any other way, i dont realy want her in my life anymore. i was miserable.....