Grey's Anatomy | Reviewer: Merideth | 2/18/07

this song is awesome . it was also on greys anatomy on the second episode. i love this song!

great | Reviewer: staljade | 2/12/07

it reminds me of an old love and lost love..and it makes me teary eyed everytime i hear it..which is pretty much every morning. its one of those songs you cant stop hearing in your head.. like Look After You and Vienna by The Fray and Chapter One by Lifehouse

something only I know | Reviewer: from Germany | 2/11/07

first time i saw the cd was when my father got it for christmas. i thought "can't be that good if your father likes it" - proved wrong! i really like the music of those guys - this song in particular as it somewhat fitted into a certain period of my life. you know what i mean.
Mit freundlichen Gruessen

this song rocks! | Reviewer: junnel | 12/1/06

im from the philippines and when i heard this song being played on the local radio (NU107) i then realized that i'ts true about the station having good taste regarding music! this song is full of soul and heart! keep it cool! shouts from me, here in the philippines!!!

BRILL!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/06

I absolutely love this song!! I heard it live for the first time this summer and it was the highlight of my year. Love it, love it, love it!!

A place on the Long Island Sound | Reviewer: someone only we know | 10/14/06

I've gone to that place somewhere only we know and it is beautiful with the most wonderful memories that I shall never forget.

this song rocks | Reviewer: bek | 8/24/06

i absolutly love this song its full on heart warming and gives u that tingle in ur spine everytime u hear it (well that happens to me anywayz)i love it and hopefully i could one day make somthing like that, keep up the great work guys ur bloody awesome xoxo

This song blew me away. | Reviewer: Ken | 7/14/06

They appeared on an episode on Saturday Night Live in February 2005 with Paris Hilton as the guest host. It was the first time I ever heard the song and I was blown away. The singer and song sounds like Bono from U2 but they aren't a copy cat group. They still have their own style and the song stuck in my head for days. It's a beautiful melodic song and it blows me away.

Soooo Coool | Reviewer: Daljeet S. | 7/11/06

Somewhere only we know,,,, hits the spot, man it good, listen to it on the flight back from oz, hei cant keep the music out of my head. cooolll, keep humming the tunewith whistlesss.... not that I'm good at it. KEANE the best just as cool as COLDPLAY. Keep it up, guys will catch you next gig soon anywhere I don't care,, Have to be there..
Cheers - Have a Beer on me...

Somewhere Only We Know | Reviewer: Sarah | 5/24/06

I was listening to this song on the plane, back to perth . and i was like " wow this song is good " so, i downloaded it, its very good . and its very deep. Lol.